Friday, September 28, 2007


1)Yipes, my hands hurt. I've been working for the past couple of days on learning how to make "standees" for the concession stand at the SpRocket haunted house thing. I've never made anything like them before, and trying to figure out how to make them stand up is killing me. I have spent two hours this morning just cutting out the Creature from the Black Lagoon. That hastared has scales. SCALES, I say! I've been laying on my floor (yuck) cutting around the thing with an exacto knife and I managed to mangle the backing board that it's attached to. SIGH. Oh well, other than that, I'm very proud of the way they are turning out! I had to digitally airbrush them (which took days) and if I do say so, they look really nice! I'll try and post a picture of them once they are done since I know you are dying to see them. Right? : )

2) I saw one of the movies from the Grindhouse double feature the other day and I was surprised that I liked it so well! "Death Proof" was the one we got and it was...weird. Of course, Quentin Tarintino is an odd duck, but this one was all over the place. There is one scene in it that had me balled up in one corner of the couch in complete and utter disbelief, though. There is a car crash scene that is so *gulp* detailed that I'm probably scarred for life. It was just as bad as the scene in Final Destination where you are inside the plane as it explodes, only this was being inside the car during the accident. It was all slow-mo and in loving detail. *shudder* Excepting that, it was a really good movie.

3) Oh! I haven't mentioned anything about Sara, my friend who got the transplants! She is doing much better and her insides are doing almost all of the things insides are supposed to do! She will still have to have a couple of operations (BOO!) but from what I understand they aren't nearly as severe as the others. So keep on praying for her and keep your fingers crossed for her, too!

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