Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Friday: It is a truth universally acknowledged, that when I read a book by or watch a movie based from a Jane Austen novel, I will think and speak (quite unconsciously) like the people in the story. It is both vexing and embarrassing because I do this at the most inopportune times.

On Friday eve, Mr. Pratt and I dined alone. We spoke little, as is our custom, and instead turned our attentions to Red Dwarf. Afterward, Mr. Pratt retired into the living room and watched other television programs that I cared not to see (as is HIS custom). I took myself into the library and watched the mini series of "Pride and Prejudice" on my Macintosh. I had received the DVD set as a gift and had not had the chance to watch it for quite some time. As the program was very long, the evening ended with my movie not yet complete. < /Austen >

Saturday: I got up fairly early on Saturday morning, unfortunately, and had to do a little bit of laundry. I let Steve sleep in because he and my dad were going down to Tuscaloosa to watch the Alabama/Georgia game that afternoon and knew he'd have a long day ahead. I watched a little more of the mini-series and then made my To Do list for the day. Boo! I was going to have to go get groceries and begin making my sister's Christmas gift, but I also needed to clean up my office that day. I always dread that chore. My office is really what used to be a dining room just off of the kitchen and it's the dumping ground for all of my art supplies, artwork, books and computer stuff. My books are all on shelves, thank goodness, but they are packed in as tight as they will go and two books deep on every shelf! My art stuff had been packed in boxes and neatly stacked against the wall at one time, but everything had kind of migrated around the room until you could barely walk. Not a fun thing to look forward to! When Steve got up, we watched a movie called "Wild Hogs" which I recommend, as it was really funny, and then Steve had to leave to pick up my dad. This was the first time they'd ever done anything manly together! So basically the man who talks the least (Steve) and the man who talks the most (my Papa) were going to spend the day together! Must have been strange for the both of them. : ) When he left I finished watching my movie, finally, and headed off into the land of mindless errands. I stopped briefly by the puppy and kitten adopt-a-thon at Petsmart, but I left when I realized I was ready to open every cage and take them all home with me. I didn't cry this time, but I hated to leave any of them behind! After everything was complete, I went home and got ready to tackle the office. I had bought some snap together shelves for the job. Nothing too fancy since I'm planning on building, or helping to build, some permanent shelves when we get a chance. It took HOURS. I was telling a friend of mine that I'm not sure what is says about a person when they have a whole room full of hobby supplies and some of them barely used. I think it means I have too many hobbies! Honestly, though, can you have too many? Really? : ) I was able to get the biggest mess off of the floor, but there is still a great deal to organize. I'm going to have to get containers to put some stuff in before I can put them on the shelves, though. Hobby crap can be small and easily lost! With that out of the way, I began working on Angie's gift and I turned the ballgame on in case I could pick out Steve and Papa. They had really good seats from what I understand, but I never saw them. Of course, I didn't watch the whole game either. I think I must be bad luck for that team, because when I had the game on Georgia would score. If I walked out of the room or turned off the TV for some reason, Alabama would score. It was weird. Of course, we all know that Georgia won, which I felt bad about because I wanted Alabama to win since my guys were there watching it. At any rate, it was over and so was I. I was falling asleep on my feet, so I took care of the beasties and went to bed. Steve got home at about 2:00 am, I think.

Sunday: Our church picnic was going to be that day, so when I got to church I began working on the food so that it would be ready when church was over. Steve and I had not planned on going this year since we were going to have company, but unfortunately our guest had a death in the family and couldn't be with us, so we went to my parent's house for lunch instead. I think we spent all of lunch talking about football, and then I went outside to watch my nephews play ball together. Of course, they had gotten into a fight over some dumb thing, so they went inside and left me to talk to the animals. Later on my mom and sister came out and we talked for a while. It was a lazy Sunday. When we got home, Steve fell asleep, so I just fooled around until he woke up. I worked on the office some more and then played around with the sewing machine for a while trying to correct a string entanglement issue I was having. I'm beginning to think that my lameness knows no bounds! I also wound up e-mailing a friend of mine to ask a stupid question because I couldn't remember the important bit of a conversation we had. I hate having a Swiss cheese memory! Of course, the only reason I felt the need to ask was because the bit I couldn't remember would have made the difference between a very sad thing and a very unimportant thing (as semantics can sometimes be important, you see) and I needed to make sure I didn't misstep. I do that too much as it is. Apparently.
Anyways, I wound up cutting my night short because I got a headache and it felt like the kind that normally turn into migraines. I went to bed before it happened, thank goodness! I have found that the only thing that will get rid of one of my migraines is the kind of pain killer that is addictive, illegal to buy without a prescription, and no longer in our possession. Well, either that or throwing up. Needless to say, I didn't want to have to deal with either of those things, so I slept. And that was my weekend.


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