Monday, September 17, 2007


All in all, I had what could be considered a mellow weekend. Nothing much of note, actually happened. So I shall forgo my usual WU format and just hit the highlights. Let's go to the replay, shall we?

I suppose the most interesting thing I did this weekend was yard work and watch football. Yes, can you believe it? I did yard work! : ) Actually, that isn't so strange, but since Steve's allergies pretty much had him struggling for air, I had to do the push mower stuff and weed-whacker stuff as well. Push mowers suck, in case you didn't know that already. I accidentally mowed over two, possibly three azalea bushes and I hit the Pink Zombie growing by our stoop. No, that isn't some cleverly named rose bush or anything, but it is quite a mystery to me. Three years ago we destroyed this hateful crepe myrtle bush that grew by the front stoop. I hated the blasted thing because when it got big enough, it would flop over the railing and the big blob of flowers would smack you in the face every time you tried to get inside. It was fifty times worse when it was wet. I swear the thing was sentient. So Steve cut it down and a couple of our friends came over one day and ground the stump down and we didn't have to worry about it anymore...or so we thought. Over the years, I have planted many things in that spot that wouldn't grow, so I just figured that we would be flora-less by the stoop. Good deal. So imagine my surprise when one of the azalea plants I thought had died started coming back out. Steve and I both avoided running it over with the lawn mowers and we were excited that at least one thing I planted didn't die. Unfortunately, it turned out not to be an azalea bush, but that danged crepe myrtle rising from the dead! AHHHHHHHHH!

Anyways, things were going pretty well until I weed-whacked something that sprayed me with sticky sap that made me start itching fairly violently. Luckily whatever it was didn't make me break out or anything, but at any rate, that officially ended my desire to fool with the yard.

That afternoon I sat in the living room with Steve and watched bits and pieces of two college football games. I got to see the tail end of the Auburn game. Owing to the sensitive nature of the few Auburn fans who read my blog, I won't go into detail. I will say that I think that their quarterback reminds me of one of those superheroes that only realize they have powers during some kind of stressful moment and they don't really know how to control them just then. So they tend to overuse them and break stuff. Brandon Cox can throw! It just doesn't seem to make it to whom he intends it to go. However, he's cute, so that makes up for a great deal of evils in my book. At one point I had to remind Steve that I knew enough about football - and math- that I understood what a two point conversion would mean, score wise. I think he forgets sometimes that after going to nearly every high school football game for 8 years (yeah, marching band nerd, represent!) and that my dad, uncle, and two of my closest male cousins played and talked football all of my life, so I picked up a few things along the way. : ) The Alabama game was a little better, only their quarterback wasn't as cute. When Steve started throwing stuff, I retired to one of the back rooms to read until everything was safe. He got disgusted at some point and turned it off. I was the one who told them that Alabama won, when I ran across the score later that night. He was happy. I was just happy he wasn't throwing stuff anymore.

At some point during these games I got bored and did a little family history research online. Specifically, I was hunting up one of my great, great... well, many greats, grandfather who was a Cherokee. I have always wished that I knew more about my native American heritage, and really I only know my family tribe and my great (to whatever power) grandfather's name, Old Tassel. Turns out he was Chief of the Tsalagi, a Peace Chief, and the uncle of Sequoyah - so I'm related to the guy who invented the Cherokee alphabet. Neato. Apparently Old Tassel was murdered by settlers when he was in his 50's, so that kind of sucks. Anyways, I'm going to do more research and see what I find. I've always wanted to know about my family history, so this seems like a good enough place to start!

Well, that is all, friends. Come back another time for another exciting episode of - ME!

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