Friday, September 14, 2007


I'm feeling rather contemplative this morning.

1) Why do so many heterosexual couples insist that they don't have to be married to be together and have a family and then be perfectly happy with the arrangement, but so many homosexual couples be pissed off that they can't legally be married, even if they are together and have a family already?

2) I still don't get why Kentucky Fried Chicken uses the song "Sweet Home Alabama" in their commercials. The song is neither about Kentucky nor fried chicken. Discuss.

3) Why is it that the three main things you absolutely can not joke about, and sometimes can't even have a serious conversation about, around here are football, politics, and religion. In that order.

4) Why don't my dogs like my singing?

5) Why are so many people against the war in Iraq and outspoken against the president, but when asked how they would have handled the whole situation if they were in his position, they can't give you an answer?

6) Why are LOLCats funny? I'm not saying I don't think they are funny, because I think they are hilarious. My point is that I don't know why I think they are funny. For some reason that bothers me.

I think that's all. For today, anyways.

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