Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Have you ever seen someone waving at you and, of course being the enchanting individual you are, you wave back enthusiastically only to find out that they were waving at the person behind you?

Well, I have, and it's always embarrassing. Even if that person doesn't see me waving, I always feel stupid.

Recently, I had something very similar to that happen and even though I didn't make a big scene, I am still embarrassed. Specifics aren't really important in this story, so I'll just tell you why I'm embarrassed.

I overheard someone talking the other day about something nice and Christmassy they had gotten for a friend of theirs, and how they were excited about it. In the context, I thought they were talking about me (I know, I know, but seriously, I thought it was me). I got a big, warm fuzzy thinking that they had done something nice for me, so I went out and bought a gift for them (which I wasn't planning on doing, but wanted to return the favor because I thought it was so sweet of them to think of me.) As you can probably guess, it turns out that they weren't talking about me at all and now I feel like some kind of lunatic because I handed over this wholly unexpected gift and stood there like a muppet while I realized it wasn't me they were talking about in the first place. Now I'm afraid they are going to feel awkward and obligated to return the favor, which I would never want in a million years.

If I'm going to overhear things in the future, I'm seriously going to have to make sure I overhear EVERYTHING that is said. *dies*


Anonymous said...

I'm so sympathetic. We've all been in the other places, the waving (always) and (nowadays) speaking, thinking you are responding, to a person walking by, only then taking note of the ubiquitous phone in the ear.

Anonymous said...

Has Grandma gone back to Texas?

Tae said...

Yes, she left Tuesday.

amy said...

Oh, I live there. Mad sympathetic cringing.