Tuesday, January 20, 2009


1) Had a wonderful time last night having dinner and discussing wedding invitations with Kenny and Lauren. We ate at All Steak (Team Orange Rolls!) and I think we closed the place, which honestly isn't hard to do in Cullman. I truly believe everyone in that town is usually home and in bed by 9:00. The workers were probably cursing our existence because we didn't leave sooner! I also believe that the red eye flashy thing on Kenny's camera almost made me have a seizure. Good times.

2) I tried to watch the inauguration today, but there apparently wasn't enough bandwidth to go around. I did see bits of it. I got to hear the end of a song Aretha Franklin was doing, but I couldn't understand the words to her song since she was obviously "making it her own" and I was too distracted by the big-ass bow on her hat anyways. I got to see the swearing in of the VP and hear the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful rendition of the Shaker hymn arranged by John Williams, and the swearing in of Barak Obama. He must've been nervous because he totally talked over the guy swearing him in. I was really interested in hearing his speech, but that's about when the streaming video stopped streaming. I was kind of bummed, because I like to hear him do speeches. I've (sadly) never watched any president be sworn in before, so it was really interesting. Now I just hope the faith that so many people have in our new president is well founded. We'll see.

3) I am seriously craving a cafe au lait from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans. I hate when I find something I really like and it's completely innaccessable to me on a regular basis. It makes me feel stabby and shouty. Quite possibly the stabby and shouty parts of me could be quelled with any kind of caffine right now, but it just isn't the same. :(

4) And finally:

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