Monday, January 26, 2009


1) Well, it's only 8:35 and I'm already having a case of the Mondays. I thought I had a doctor appointment this morning, so I drove out to Madison and tried to check in. It turns out, my appointment is actually on Thursday! Ack. I ended up getting to work late, but surprisingly, I was still the first one from my department here! Mondays are weird.

2) I finally saw Jurassic Park for the first time this weekend. I know, I know. Shut up. Even with all of the hype and such about that movie when it came out, I still didn't go and see it. Of course, I didn't have my drivers license in 1993, so I didn't see many movies at all that year. Anyways, I never rented it or anything because I didn't think I'd like it, but I LOVED it! I know it was hokey, but I really enjoyed watching it! It was even a little bit scary, but in the good kind of way. At the end, there is a rather tense scene where some freaky little, big-toe nailed dinosaurs (I don't want to try and spell what kind they were) are after the people in the museum, and then the big T-Rex comes in and gets them and the people get away. We had just finished watching that scene, and the movie wasn't even over yet but it had gotten quiet, when one of the dogs suddenly sneezed and scared the crap out of Steve. I just happened to be looking over at him (he was in the recliner) when it happened, and I swear he jumped up about 6 inches and pulled the chair up with him. I laughed so hard that I almost got sick. It was great. I think the dogs planned it because I'm pretty sure they were laughing at him too.

3) Hedgehogs scare me.

4) Do you like the new look of my blog? I do. It's nothing fancy, of course, but I like that I can make my own banners and such without having to understand the hastared HTML. I'm currently having issues with my tracker, though. Apparently there is either a glitch with my page or I've accidentally altered the code I was given when I changed to the new address. I have a support ticket in with the website where my tracker is hosted, so hopefully they can tell me what to do. i hope it will start working again soon. I like seeing where people come from to visit me. Well, as much as an IP address can tell me, anyway. I've also got some links to other blogs I like to read over to the right so that you can check them out if you want. By request I didn't add Steve's blog, so don't think I just forgot about him. He just likes to be more picky about who reads it. Not like me. I welcome all of you freaks on a daily basis. I kid, I kid. Only a couple of you are freaks.

5) We were watching an episode of Charmed last night where the three sisters had to go back in time for one reason or another. They met a lot of hippies, including their grandmother who happened to be a serious flower child. I don't know if any of you are familiar with the show, but the sisters are powerful witches who are always battling evil creatures and saving the world and such. Their grandmother, who raised them, was a serious demon ass-kicker who taught them to fight evil (I know this sounds silly, and it is, but bear with me.) Anyways, back when the grandmother was a flower child, she was a pacifist about all kinds of fighting, even with demons. There was a scene where the three sisters were trying to get her to understand why they couldn't just go and reason with the demon, but the grandmother gave a long speech that boiled down to "oh, no. We should just embrace them and try and work it out with love and acceptance" or something like that. The whole time she was talking, I was thinking about how that sounded just like a lot of the silly people I've heard that are serious anti-war advocates, and how they always say that if we just go and reason with the guys who want to kill us, they'll see our point and not kill us anymore. It annoyed me, but I didn't say anything. However, out of nowhere, Steve said "I hate hippies." It made me laugh, because I was pretty much thinking the same thing. Sometimes I worry at how our minds work.

6) I went to the gym this morning, after missing all last week for one reason or another. I could really tell that I hadn't been there in a while and have come to the conclusion that I don't need to take week-long vacations from the place anymore. I'm currently feeling as if my arm may completely fall off. Well, at least I'd lose some weight, I guess. An arm has got to weigh, what, 5 pounds?

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