Wednesday, January 06, 2010


OK, so I'm stuck at home sick and bored today. I thought I'd share a few websites I'd found while wondering the interwebs. My apologies if you've already seen these!

*Nice Cage as Everyone
- This is both creepy, weird and fascinating. Nic Cage is also creepy and weird, but not really that fascinating. PUT THE BUNNY BACK IN THE BOX...

*Friends of Irony - Even though I'm still not sure of the real definition of irony. Stupid Alainis song screwed me up for life on that one.

*Oddly Specific - This one appeals to me because I'm a sign maker. I'm fairly certain a lot of these are Photoshopped, but the ones that are real are funny!

*Epic Win FTW! - Because who doesn't need some epic win in their lives?

*Clients From Hell - A tumblr site for artists, graphic designers, or anyone else that has to put up with the stupidity of people who have no idea what they are doing.

*STFU, Parents - I apologize to the wonderful people I know who are parents, but this site is funny to people who don't have kids. Fortunately, I don't know many people who behave like these people do.

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Annie said...

Thank you for linking to STFU, Parents. I am dying laughing here now.