Monday, January 11, 2010


1) I finally got my Christmas present from Steve last Saturday! No, he didn't wait that long to get me one, but the thing had to be ordered and it took over a month to be shipped! He bought me The Most Comfortable Chair In The Universe (tm). Actually, that is not the brand name or anything, but it is a freakishly comfortable recliner that we found while helping Anthony pick out some furniture over the summer. In fact, I tried to talk Anthony into buying one of these recliners for his new place so that I could sneak in and sit in it when he wasn't home. Alas, he picked a different kind. He chose...poorly. ;) My new chair is big, poofy, and possibly stuffed with puppies. I love it. I named it Brutus, because it looks kind of manly. See, years ago, I bought Steve a recliner as a birthday gift and I'm not really allowed to sit in it. Well, I'm allowed to sit in it as long as Steve doesn't want to sit in it. After calling him a myriad of names for not sharing the chair and explaining how it makes Jesus mad when we don't share, I guess he thought it would be easier if I had a comfy seat of my own. Yay! Of course, now this means we have to get rid of the couch because we won't have room for it when the piano comes to live with us. I really wish my brother-in-law would change his mind about taking the piano, but it's either me take it or they sell it, and my sister doesn't want to sell it. *sigh*

2) I had to go to the eye doctor the other day and order a new pair of glasses. I like the ones I have, but stupid me thought that I had a spot of glue on one of the lenses and while trying to scratch it off I managed to remove a large section of anti-glare coating. It's right in my natural line of sight, too, so I had to get new ones. My new frames are Mee-Maw looking ones, too! I was too impatient to leave the place to sit there and try on frames for an hour, so I accepted the ones they said looked the best on me. They have pink leopard print on the ear pieces, and a big gold buckle looking thing on the left side. Tres sexy, no? All I need now is one of those beaded necklace thingies that hold my glasses around my neck so that I don't lose them. Luckily, I can make one of my own to match! :) I'm also going in to be fitted for contacts at the end of the month, so hopefully that will work out. I just hope that I can stand to keep them in my eyes. I really want to stop wearing glasses all of the time. One problem, though. I have worn glasses since I was 15, so when I'm not wearing them, I feel like I have too much face showing. Anyways, something interesting about my visit, is that the doctor told me that my prescription in my current glasses is actually too strong! Get out! Apparently eye strain caused the major part of my vision problems, and I guess not having to strain so much has helped my eyes to heal a bit. If this keeps up, by the time I'm 80, I'll have X-Ray vision! :)

3) Butler and Bear did not like staying inside almost all of last week, but we couldn't leave them out because it was so cold. We tried letting them out of their kennels while we were at home, and that would be OK for a while, but them Bear would start herding Butler into his kennel and Butler started growling, and we had to put them both back to bed so that they didn't get into a Doggie Death Cage Match in the living room. I felt sorry for them, but we've been able to leave them out longer during the days since Saturday, so hopefully they will get out their cabin fever. Poor puppies!

4) I recently bought some "Organic Pomegranate-White-Tea Gummy Pandas" and they are just as pretentious as they sound. However, they are quite delicious, so pretentious or not, I'm going to buy them again if I can find them. Yum!

5) Here is a neato website for those of you who might be interested: Four Pounds Flour is a blog that is all about historic cooking. This woman (from New York, I believe) re-creates all kinds of antique recipes and explains ingredients and techniques. It's quite fascinating. You wouldn't think that recipes from one or two hundred years ago would be very different from what we have today, but there are some surprising things I've learned. If you are interested, take a look!

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Elizabeth said...

So what brand chair was it? Huh?

And thanks for the Four Pound Flour link - I love cooking blogs!