Monday, January 04, 2010


1) SIGH. I watched the last episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant as the Doctor. He's a little bit dreamy and I'll miss his version of the Doctor a lot. I'm not even going to lie about it: I cried a bit when he finally regenerated. Tennant has been my favorite thus far, and the new guy looks a little too much like Marty McFly's dad from Back to the Future! After it was over, Steve got inspired and turned an old clock of ours into a display case for our Doctor figures. See, it's clever because...clock...Timelords...get it? Eh, what do you know anyhow! :)

2) I actually had my very first paid freelance design job today! Woo-Hoo! It was for a graphic to be put on a Fantasy Football trophy! Yay! I hope he actually liked what I came up with. He did some editing to my original design, as he should have, but he was very apologetic about changing anything. I'd hate to think he let something slide because he's afraid he'd hurt my feelings. Do I come across as that delicate?

3) I overheard something at a restaurant that I'd like to address, if you'll give me the luxury of a Monday-mini-rant! I can? OK!

I am lucky to live in a town that is constantly changing and adding new people from all over the world. Some new people come in through the military, others through government contract work, and some through NASA. The point to what I'm trying to say is that there are a lot of people from AWAY that live here now. Usually, this is a great thing. However, because we get so many transplants into our town, we also get our share of the "transplant whiners." These are the people who moved here out here because they HAD to. They don't want to be here and they miss their old homes and towns. I can understand that completely, because I've had to move before when I didn't really want to and when you leave a place, you tend to think of it fondly. However, the "Transplant Whiners" are the folks who just sit around, usually in public, and talk about how lame Huntsville is. How much it sucks because it doesn't have a good pro sports team, or this particular restaurant, or the weather is bad, and there is NOTHING to do, or (and this is my favorite) how stupid all of the locals are because they are all rednecks. If you were to listen to these guys, you'd think we were all a bunch of inbred, ignorant, toothless yokels who sit around whittling on our front porches as we spit tobacco juice into the dust. You know what, we get it. You'd rather be back in Boston, New York, Houston or wherever. WE GET IT!!! Huntsville will never be those places, of course, but it isn't a bad place to live at all. It may not be the "social and cultural mecca" these people left behind, but it has a lot going for it, especially now that things are being built up and rejuvenated. These whiners never actually take the effort to actually go out and look for anything that they can enjoy about the town, because they are too busy whining about what it doesn't have. But I digress...

Anyways, while waiting on our table, I overheard someone at a restaurant start talking about how boring Huntsville was, how lame, how SOUTHERN (gasp!) it all was, and a woman (who wasn't with that person's party) turned around, looked him in the eye and told him that if he felt that way, he could GTFO! Go, lady! I silently cheered for her as she went on to say that her town didn't need people like him in it, and if he hated it so much here, he needed to leave because no one here would have any use for him! Man, I wish I had been brave enough to say that, but even so, I'm glad someone said it. I wonder if the whiners realize that they don't so much come across as too good and cultured for the place as much as they sound like pretentious assholes. Somehow I doubt it. :)

4) We didn't do anything of interest on New Year's Eve this year. We rarely do anymore, really. Steve and I played Lego Star Wars (until I got bored and bailed on him) and I made another hat! I did have one glass of champagne to ring in the new year, but then I was reminded why I don't drink much anymore. My feet started to tingle and I got really woozy. My alcohol tolerance has gotten even lower, if one glass did all that. I'm just glad it didn't get so bad that I started emailing people things that didn't make sense! You should be glad too!

5) It is freezing up in my office today, even with my space heater going full blast. I really wish my windows were insulated!

6) I forgot how long it had been since I'd visited the gym and I wangled my knee while using an elliptical machine today. It hurts! I had to sit down in the floor this morning to do something and I couldn't get back up on my own! Boo, I've got old lady knees!

7) In case you were wondering, the epic journey of the ham has finally ended. Only after eating a majority of it, I found out we could freeze some of it, which I did, and the rest went to the dogs. Butler got the bone and had so much fun gnawing on it. Any time Bear would come around, Butler would gently pick it up and move a little further away. It was funny! I certainly thought Bear would have gotten it away from Butler easily, but there must have been something scary in Butler's eyes, because Bear never got it from him. I'm secretly proud that Butler stood up for himself. Finally! :)

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