Friday, January 15, 2010


1) While I was at the gym this morning, toiling away on the elliptical machine in hopes of achieving that ever elusive "Iron Butt", a woman came over and began to get on the machine next to mine. This isn't an unusual happening, of course, but I got that "someone is watching me" feeling as soon as she came over. I looked over at her and she was looking up at me & pointing to the ceiling fans that run along the ceiling above the cardio machines. I had my earphones in, so I had to read her lips, but she was asking me "Do you mind if I turn that off?" I was almost done with my workout, so I told her it was fine, but it struck me as odd. I don't know how many of you have ever been on an elliptical machine, but a workout on one can get pretty hot and sweaty. In fact, I use the same machine every time I'm there because it's situated in a vortex of air conditioning and ceiling fan air, which keeps me from passing out when I get hot (because, let's face it, I'm a major pansy.) The fans turned off and she came back over and began using the machine. I had just enough time left in my workout to realize how very much I wished she hadn't turned off the fans. In fact, I had just enough time left in my workout to decide I hated that woman a great deal for turning it off. I mean, God forbid you get a bit CHILLY while doing cardio work, lady! I finally got done, and on my way out I realized who that lady was. She is the one Steve and I call Mrs. Valdez. She's the lady who always does her workouts with a cup of coffee! While that seems very gross to me, I always assumed it had something to do with needing the caffeine. Now I realize it's because the very core of her being is made of ice and she needs it to keep her from freezing to a weight machine. Geez.

2) I got to have dinner with my very favorite Kenny on Tuesday! Yay! I don't think I'd seen him since his wedding last June, so I was very glad to see him again. He's been very busy doing smart stuff and working on his PhD. He was up on a quick visit to see his family and took some time to visit with friends. I thought he had decided to stand me up for a while, though, because he was visiting another friend of his and lost track of time. I was almost about to leave the restaurant and go home with wounded feelings when I got a message letting me know he was on his way. We had a lot of fun! Well, I did, anyways, and I choose to believe that he did too. If he tells me any differently then I'll stick my fingers in my ears and yell "LALALALALALALALA!" to drown him out. He also brought me chocolate, which makes him my favorite person of the week, possibly of the year, but it's still a bit early to make that call. :) Even with all of my fun, I eventually had to let him go back home to his lovely wife. He and I had talked for a while outside in the cold before leaving (we closed down the Atlanta Bread Company, because we are rock stars) and my feet ended up getting so cold that I couldn't properly feel them until the next morning. I'm going to have to invest in a pair of stylish Eskimo boots or something.

3) I know I shouldn't say this, because it seems kind of hateful, but we have a custodian here that creeps me right the hell out. He's nice and always very friendly, but there is a certain something about him that gives me the heebs. I've gotten to where, if I hear him coming down the hall, I take my small trash can out from under my desk and sit it across the room so that he doesn't have to walk behind my desk. Honestly, he's never done anything to me and I have no real reason to be creeped out by the man, but something about him makes me think he's got body parts in his refrigerator.

4) Mr. Lee gave me Miss Rhonda's Kitchen Aid stand mixer. She didn't get to use it much before she got sick, and he didn't know how to use it, so now it is at my house. I'm excited about it, because I've wanted one for a while, but they are kind of pricey and I couldn't talk myself into spending the money on one. I wish I could have had it a couple of weeks ago when I was making cookies. I accidentally picked a bowl that was too small to mix up my dough, and when I put the hand mixer in to mix things up, batter went everywhere. No, seriously, dough flung everywhere - my counters, my cabinets, my sink, my flour and sugar canisters and even my own self had splatters of cookie dough all over them. But I digress. I'm going to find some time and use the heck out of that mixer! Am I sad for being excited about a kitchen appliance?

5) I've made 25 hats thus far! That's not very close to my goal, but I'm proud. I'm hoping to be able to make a photo montage so you can see all of them sometime. Some of them I'm very proud of and some are very plain, but they are all made by me! I need to made a wider variety so that I don't get bored, but some of them take forever to make. Eh, we'll see.

6) Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Where is my hat, ho? :-)

I got a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas....a red one....I am so excited about it that all I can do is lovingly stare at it when I pass it in the kitchen....but I cannot bring myself to actually USE it...sad.


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Elizabeth said...

You are not a sad person for being excited over a kitchen appliance. Brian got me two kitchen appliances for Christmas last year and I dubbed him best husband evar. It was a rice cooker and a programmable crock pot.

It's been a year and I still say, "Squeeee!"