Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RANDOM ACTS OF BLOGGING: SILVER LINING EDITION - This is because I realized that most of the things I was going to write about will make me sound like I'm whining if I don't further explain myself!

1) Well, I'm almost all taken care of with the eye doctor, I think. I got my new glasses and I'm on a trial run with the contacts and have had my second consult with them. I thought that my new glasses were making me nauseated because of the slight progression lenses that they have, but I've realized that it isn't that. One of the lenses is just wrong, or my eye is wrong, because I simply can't see well out of that lens. I thought maybe I just needed to wear them more often so that I could get used to them, but that does no good at all. In fact, wearing them makes me dizzy and sick, so driving while wearing them is not at all fun. I've got to call them next week and see if I can bring them back in to be checked and possibly have that lens replaced because for some reason the doctor who takes care of the contact lenses didn't let me order any replacements for the trial pair I have now, and if I have to go back to glasses full time, I'll need some that don't cause me to fall over or vomit! :) I'm not sure why she isn't letting me go ahead and order replacement contacts, because I'm not doing badly with them. My main problem is that my eyes get very, very dry. I'm not sure if it's just me or if it's because of allergies. Sometimes I can wear them all day and sometimes I can't. I also accidentally rubbed my eye the other day and folded one of my contacts over, but I wasn't where I could take it out and I had to wait about 5 minutes before fixing it. Dude, that hurt!

SILVER LINING: I can see, and I have the money and insurance necessary to take care of my eyesight. I never knew how much trouble bad vision can cause a person!

2) Yesterday, as I was leaving work, I slammed my fingertip in the metal and glass door of our office suite. Just my fingertip, and my Lord, it hurt so much! My fingers were cold to begin with, and for some reason, that made it hurt worse. I'm glad I was alone, because I danced around and jumped up and down after I did it. It was one of those things that hurt so badly that it made my stomach hurt. It even hurt to wash my hands later, and my finger is quite swollen up. I've got a lovely bruise under my fingernail, too. It's going to be fun making signs with a comically swollen and painful finger!

SILVER LINING: I have a job!

3) I accidentally punched my boss in the face with the edge of a large sheet of foam board. He snuck up on me! I certainly wouldn't have hit him had I known it was him, but I went into office ninja mode! I have sheets of foam board that are about 8 or 9 feet tall, and I had one leaning against my drafting table while I was working on something else. I had my earphones in, but I heard someone walk into my office. When I turned around, I didn't see anyone, but I knew someone was there. I leaned around my foam board and all I saw was someone's back because whoever it was had leaned around the far edge of the board to peek at me. I honestly don't know why the first reaction I had was to protect myself, but I slammed my hand against the closest edge of the board, which caused it to ram into the face of the person looking around it. This all happened in the space of about 5 seconds. I need you to understand that so that you don't think any of it was planned or even thought about, I just reacted. Luckily he didn't get mad at me. I am not sure why I am so skittish when people come up behind me. Maybe I was attacked by guerrilla fighters in a former life or something, but I have a hair trigger on my self preservation instinct. God help anyone who ever tries to sneak up and play "Guess Who!" with me. I'm likely to break their arm. :)

SILVER LINING: He didn't fire me! Yay!

4) Things are kind of crazy at work, still. I know in my last post I talked about how everyone gave me their sign requests all at once, but it hasn't tapered off much. I'm keeping up fairly well, though, but I'll snap if another person calls me to tell me that they need 60 of this or another 12 of that. Also, it's getting dangerous for me to drop signs off myself, because I get trapped with them until they figure out if they need anything else. One lady kept me in there while she perused her SENT folder to make sure she sent me something. I kept trying to leave, but she wouldn't let me! Right now I'm scoring and folding a bunch of name cards for the Big Wig Table. The name cards are completely unneeded, but someone decided at the last minute that we needed them. It's kind of fun seeing who the VIPs are, though. Hugh Downs will be there, and I found out that my former Kindergarten teacher is now married to Huntsville's mayor. This is really the only way I would know who will be there, because they don't ask me to help out with these events anymore since I flatly refused to ever wear a flight suit again. If they need me to point to the bathroom, I'm going to do it in a dress and heels.

SILVER LINING: I have a job that people believe I do well enough to ask for ridiculous things at the last minute and they have faith I can accomplish them. Also, I no longer have to wear a flight suit.

5) I'm up to 36 hats thus far! Some of these hats are for people I know, and the rest are a part of a project I'm working on that I don't want to talk about yet. I'm afraid that it'll just sound pretentious, and I'm afraid I'll jinx myself. All shall be revealed in time.

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