Monday, February 23, 2009

I had an award filled weekend!

Well, I didn't win any awards, but I attended an awards ceremony and watched one on TV. That's got to count for something, right?

Saturday night the SpRocket hosted the Addy awards, which is the state awards for graphic design, advertisements and commercials. As I'm sure I mentioned, I don't normally get invited to things like that, but since we helped out Sam, who volunteered to be creative director this year, with a few details and the opening video, they paid for my ticket. I was told it was a dressy affair, so I wound up being a bit overdressed for the occasion, but I looked good so I didn't care. :) I really only have one nice dress that I can fit into (well, two, but I put the other in my dry cleaning bag and completely misplaced it) so I didn't have much of a choice anyways. I honestly don't think anyone expected me to show up, because they all seemed surprised to see me. At least they looked happily surprised! The awards themselves were a bit tedious, as I'm sure all awards ceremonies went, but I kept myself busy by Twittering about it. During intermission, I had to abandon my seat to take some pictures of my boss when he won some awards. Actually, our department (minus me because they don't involve me in things like that) won about 8 awards! Go Them! The two I'm most proud of are the ones that my friend and co-worker Andrew won for his YouTube videos that promoted the movie "The Dark Knight" we were going to show. The great thing about them was that they weren't made to be flashy, and in fact were very tongue in cheek, badly filmed with a handheld camera, and silly. They were still hilarious and brilliant. They won two gold Addys, a Judges Choice award, and everyone in the theater thought they were funny. They were the only two videos that the Emcee played all the way through! Here is the second one for your enjoyment. Andrew is starring as Batman. :)

My only beef with the evening was that I spent the whole event with what felt like a borderline migraine. I'm sure it was just a sinus headache that raged out of control, but it moved over to the right side of my head and set up camp. Luckily it didn't get much worse and I took many Tylonol and went to bed before it could get terrible.

Sunday was a day of not feeling well and sleeping a lot. I'm sure it's the weather, or allergies, but neither Steve nor I went anywhere or did anything productive all day. I lay down at one point to rest and woke up 4 hours later, so I'm guessing I needed some sleep. I eneded up watching the Oscars, which I rarely do anymore, and I enjoyed them this year. They did it a bit different than usual, so it didn't seem to drag on as much as it normally does. Steve was in his chair reading (I KNOW!) and he only looked up everyone once in a while to see what was going on, so I would have to keep telling him what was going on. At one point, one of the guys from Slumdog Millionaire was giving an acceptance speech and Steve looked up and said "Oh, is that M. Night Shamalan?" I laughed, because that man had a very pronounced Indian accent and so I told him no and that Shamalan is originally from Philadelphia (I think). He went on with his book. After that, every time a man with a slightly dark complexion got up to accept an award, Steve would ask if it was M. Night Shamalan. I'm sure I'm not spelling that right. Anyways, it kind of got ridiculous. Here are a few of my responses to "Is that M. Night Shamalan?"
*No, Steve, that man is too old to be him.
*No, Steve, that man is Japanese
*No, Steve, that kid is only 4
It took me a while to realize he was messing with me. Apparently, sinus problems slow my wits down to a crawl.
I watched more of the show than I normally do, but it was mostly background noise. I liked seeing what people were wearing. Skinny people get to wear great clothes!

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