Friday, February 20, 2009


1) Earlier this week we had a meeting to discuss the marketing and design work that we will need to have in place for when we show the new Star Trek movie here at the SpRocket. I don't normally get invited to those, but the theater manager asked me to come along so that we could figure out what we might need as far as props or artwork for the theater lobby. My co-worker Andrew (who is so cool, by the way) came to the meeting dressed like Spock, I was wearing my lab coat with the DHARMA Initiative patches on it, and our PR manager had pulled a brown scarf down over her face and was pretending to be Chewbacca. Of course, when the Aerospace manager came in, he looked at us like we were crazy. All silliness aside, we sat down to have the meeting and a weird thing took place. They actually listened to me! Seriously, they listened, took notes and asked my opinion about things. My direct boss wasn't running the meeting, so I can only assume that is why they didn't ignore my ideas, but it was a strange feeling! I liked it! I know that probably sounds silly to most of you, but you have no idea how things are when I go into one of our Marketing meetings. I don't have anything directly to do with marketing in my everyday job, so it's not a huge deal, but I've actually learned a lot about marketing and advertising over the past couple of years and I know I come up with valuable ideas and information (mainly because some of it gets recycled as someone elses' idea and is suddenly considered brilliant). I don't think that anyone believes that I know anything useful, though. Oh well, it was a nice feeling to be listened to, though. :)

2) I got my driver's license renewed yesterday and I truly hate my picture! I thought nothing could be worse than my last one, which made me look like I was suffering from some kind of albinism, not to mention that the way I was holding my head made the flash cast a shadow under my nose and gave me a Hitler moustache! The one that they took yesterday is really bad. I didn't smile, so the picture looks like a mugshot of one of those women who you see on the news who throw their children off of bridges. I look super-pissed. No wonder people get nervous around me when I'm not smiling. Yipes.

3) I've decided to go to the Addy Awards tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a treat, because you know how much I loooooooove to schmooze. :) Actually, I thought it was nice that they included me in this, and I didn't want to seem ungreatful. Time to find my fancy dress and not embarrass my co-workers! Wooooooo!

4) Speaking of the Addys, I've got the alien video they made, but I can't post it until Monday. It's cute.


amy said...

Re: the batman video-- did you make the Batcave or was that the one they took away from you?

Tae said...

They took it away from me, but honestly I was glad. I couldn't have made anything like that myself!