Friday, February 27, 2009


1) I have a few more "cast members" to add to my list of fellow gym members. A) Uncomfortably Close Lady is a woman who comes in and gets on the machine right next to me, no matter how many other elliptical machines are available. It doesn't bother me if I'm next to someone when the place is crowded, but when I am the only person in a line-up of 10 or 12 machines, there is no reason for her to get that close. She just makes me nervous. B) Dr. Smellgood is a guy who's probably in his 40s and always rides one of the stationary bikes. He always, ALWAYS, smells so good. I don't know if he's wearing cologne or if he takes a bath with some kind of manly-scented soap, but when he comes in and gets on the bike you can smell whatever it is. It just now occurred to me that it doesn't make much sense to bathe before going to the gym. Perhaps he smells perfectly normal, but the fact that I'm in a gym with a bunch of sweaty people makes him smell better by comparison. I dunno. Also we have C) "Homely Girl" (which sounds mean, but it's true), D) "Mrs. Valdez" (the lady who carrys a cup of coffee around with her when she does weights. Gross) and E) "Angela" who looks like the tiny blonde lady on The Office. She looks like the kind of woman who'd have a screaming fit at you if she knew you celebrated Halloween. She's probably very nice, though.

2) For those of you who listen to the Space Camp Podcast, I have some interesting news. My very awesome friend Andrew is now making it a video podcast and he's animating it! It looks really neat, and I now have an Anime counterpart! She's much thinner than I am, but I'm not going to complain. He actually got my character all put together and everything, and someone had to remind him I'm not a blonde. :) I can see how he might have mistaken that though. People with Native American ancestory, like me, are usually very Aryan. Heeheehee. At any rate, if you normally listen, make sure you watch it this time. We've made it more child-directed, but if nothing else, check it out to see Andrew's work. He's done an amazing job for a first time animator.

3) I have several big projects that I need to work on, but I either don't have the sign information I need at the moment (and no matter how much I ask, I'm not getting e-mails telling me what is needed) or the project requires me to be downstairs around the guests doing things that will be messy and/or in the way. I hate working while guests are in the museum around me! They always want to know what I'm doing, stand around and watch, or let their kids wander over and touch stuff and knock things over that I'm working with. I've even had some guests wait until I bend over so that they can look down my shirt. No, I'm not kidding. I've got to make a battle plan so I can start working on the Star Trek stuff we are going to be doing for the new movie that is coming out.

I think there was more, but I can't remember right now. Possibly more to come. :)

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