Wednesday, July 28, 2010




This morning, Mr. Lee came and picked us up at the crack of dawn so that we could, once again, drive across the dirty south to visit Grandma!

The first leg wasn't exactly eventful, really. We stopped for breakfast at Mr. Lee's favorite breakfast spot, Hardee's, and made our way to Metarie, Louisiana, where we would be spending the night. I spent most of my time plugged into my iPod and crocheting, which really made the time fly by. I didn't realize we were already in Louisiana until right before we stopped at the welcome station. That place is strange! Well, the place isn't strange, but the ladies behind the counter all but tackle you to get you to sign their book. Creepy! I was also chagrined to see that they had repositioned the state-shaped sign to face the parking lot because it meant that I had to practically lay in the street to take my foot picture. Yeah, I got some strange looks for that this time.

It wasn't far to our hotel, which I'm sure is lovely most of the time, but right now it's next to an overpass under construction, and it sounds like it's in a war zone. Not to mention the torn up roads made it difficult for us to get around at first.

We had gotten to Metarie early in the afternoon so that Steve could go by one of the branches of his company and install some equipment for their network, so after we dropped off our luggage, Mr. Lee and I dropped Steve off at his building and went shopping together. It was kind of weird, because A) we didn't know our way around the town and B) he and I don't tend to spend a lot of time shopping together without Steve. It was fun, though! We stopped by a couple of stores that we don't have in Huntsville. I almost got him to stop at a Whole Foods, which I'm curious about, but we didn't need groceries - so we passed it by. : ) Then we went to a mall we found and walked around. THAT really was kind of weird. Malls are very women focused, which I've never really thought of before, so trying to find stores that we could go into together was difficult. It was fun, though. We walked around, I bought some Godiva, and he and I had dinner at P.F. Chang's, where our waitress was juuuuuuuust on this side of ignoring us. I'm going to chose to believe that she was just really busy, though!

It was after seven by the time we got back to the hotel, and Steve wasn't meant to be done until later, so Mr. Lee and I hung around the hotel and watched TV. Steve didn't actually get done with his work until after 10, so by the time Mr. Lee went and picked him up and they got back, the day was over.

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