Friday, July 09, 2010


1) I hate going to the gym. I hate it SO's like flames, on the side of my face, FLAMES... I only go so that my doctor can say "Oh look, your cholesterol level isn't currently at DEFCON 1! Congratulations!" My cholesterol level is one of those hereditary things that diet won't do much to control, so exercise is my only option unless I want to take meds for it. Granted, swallowing a pill everyday is less daunting than going to the gym, but probably less damaging for my liver. My knees, my feet, my back and everything else will implode, but darn it, my liver will be pristine! If that is the case, at least the liver will be able to go to a good home after the rest of me is dead from exhaustion. Silver Linings!

2) Steve and I got the Lego Harry Potter video game and we are having a lot of fun with it. I don't play a lot of video games, but I love the Lego ones for some reason. They are just so silly! I guess we must be playing a bit too much of it, though, because the other night all of the people in my dreams were Lego people. It was weird.

3) Yesterday I found a corset I bought a couple of years ago and thought I might have finally found the first piece for my Steampunk costume! I was in the process of trying it on when I encountered a problem. I couldn't figure out how to close it. It wasn't an actual corset, like one you'd wear as underwear, it was one that I suppose is supposed to be worn as a shirt (gotten during a shopping spree of questionable taste at Hot Topic.) It doesn't lace up, it zips up. So I'm standing in my bedroom for a long time all but cursing at the stupid thing trying to figure out how to hook the thing together so that the zipper could be closed. Turned out that I had the stupid thing on upside down. :( This doesn't bode well for my Steampunk career, does it? Back to the drawing board!

4)This video makes me happy!

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