Monday, July 26, 2010


1) I think I may have a very weird problem. I'm afraid I'm checking my mail multiple times a day without realizing it. What I mean by that is when I go out and check the mailbox, I get the feeling that I might have already been out there to check it that day. That in itself isn't weird, I guess, because lots of people go to the mailbox more than one time a day if they didn't find anything in there the first time they checked, but I'm starting to get the suspicion that I've checked the mail, actually GOTTEN the mail in some instances, and yet still go out there to check again later. You'd think I'd remember, especially if I've actually already taken the mail to the house, but almost every time I go out there now I get the feeling that I've been out there already. The only proof I ever get that I haven't checked the mail is when there is something in the mailbox, but I wish I didn't have a brain block when it comes to whether or not I've been out there already. What if I'm actually doing this? What if the neighbors see me walking to the mailbox and say "Wow, there's that woman again, looking in her mailbox. What is that, like, the 8th time today?" They probably think I've got some kind of crippling OCD and if I don't check the mailbox multiple times a day, I think the world will explode.

2) The other day Steve and I were heading home from church when we noticed a trashed up truck riding beside us in the other lane. There is nothing too weird about that, since we have to drive through a kind of skeezy area to get from church to home, but this truck was purposefully keeping up with us. Steve said "Uh, oh..." and I looked over to see the driver of the truck had the window down, his overly tattooed arm out pointing at the car and was staring in at us. I quickly turned my head forward, not knowing what the proper etiquette is for a situation like that and said to Steve "What do they want?" Because, of course, Steve would know, right? Anyways, I gathered up my courage to look back at the driver (because, if nothing else, I'd like to be able to give the police an accurate description of the man who drove us off the road and killed Steve with a pick-axe if it became necessary) and the guy smiled at me and yelled "NICE CAR!" and gave me the thumbs up, then they drove off. I simultaneously felt relieved and embarrassed for judging the guy in the truck. Obviously I didn't learn much in church that day. :(

3) There is another cat in our neighborhood, a giant Maine Coon, and it has begun creeping around our place. It won't let me pet him/her, and I don't know where it comes from, but I feel really sorry for it. I don't feel sorry for it like I did for Garry and Spot, because it obviously belongs to someone. I feel sorry for it because it is constantly, and I do mean constantly, being chased by 3 blue jays. I've never seen anything like it! The first time I noticed it, I thought that maybe the cat was near the jay's nest or something. But I can't imagine that is the case anymore, because I've seen that cat in three or four different places and the jays are always swooping down and chasing it! Steve's even seen it, so I know it isn't just me. It's so bizarre. What would cause three birds to constantly chase after a cat? What's even sadder, is that the cat is now so used to the birds that it doesn't even try and protect itself anymore. It just walks and lets the jays attack it. It's both funny and sad.

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