Sunday, July 11, 2010


1) The lights went out in our church sanctuary today. At first I thought that the lights were off for some actual reason, but apparently it was just a problem with the lights themselves. We had sound, we had video, we had air conditioning (thank goodness) but no lights. We had church services in the dark! It was difficult not to fall asleep like that, though. Two people actually had to leave before preaching started because it was making them sleepy. I didn't fall asleep, but it was touch and go there for a while. My mind kind of wondered off, I guess. It isn't as if our preacher is boring or anything like that, but I must have the attention span of a rubber band or something, because my brain goes off on tangents while he's talking. It isn't just when he preaches, though. A couple of weeks ago we had a guest speaker during the night services. He had arranged for a sort of worksheet type thing to be printed on the back of the bulletin so that we could fill in blanks and take notes while he was speaking. I thought that was great, because I figured that if I had something to follow along with, I probably wouldn't get lost and start day dreaming. Unfortunately, I somehow got behind whatever he was saying, and by the time the service was over, I had a quite respectable stick figure "Pirates vs. Ninjas" battle going on at the bottom of the page. :( That kind of thing is what happens when I'm required to sit still and quiet for too long. Someones going to have to put me on Ritalin before it's all said and done.

2) I have a Tumblr site brewing called White Owl Treasures. I haven't done anything with it yet except pick a template. I've got an idea that I think might be somewhat interesting, but it will be kind of tedious putting it all together. I have come into possession of a lot of really awesome antique things. Things I never bothered to look at closely until I wasn't working. My mom gave me a stack of old postcards that she had stored in an old White Owl cigar box. I have always known that she had them, but had never bothered to read them. They are all from early 20Th century (between 1904 and 1907) and they all belonged to someone named Eleanor Clements from someplace in New Jersey. This person wasn't a member of my family, so I have no idea why we have the cards, but they are interesting. I want to scan them and put them up for people to see! I also have a few other things I found in other cigar boxes, so it'll just be a curio site for people who like old stuff, I guess. I don't know, maybe it will be boring, but I'm going to try it out and see how it goes!

3) I finally learned how to pronounce "vuvuzela!" I kept reading the word in articles about the world cup and hearing the God forsaken sound, but never heard anyone actually pronounce the word until last week. Unfortunately, by the second or third day of knowing the word, my pronunciation of it had degraded to "vuvuzilla." After that, all I could picture was a giant, plastic horn trampling on Tokyo.

4) I can't sleep. I had a headache before church tonight and took some Excedrin. That was at 4:45 and I'm still wide awake! My body is tired, but my brain is not. I'd go to bed anyway, but I'd just end up tossing and turning and probably annoying Steve. Sigh.

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