Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hello, Sweetings!

I am getting ready to hit the gym for the first time in about a month (don't judge me) and I thought that while I was indulging in my pre-workout hydration routine, i.e. drinking a bottle of water, I'd tell you about our glorious long weekend!

Part of our wonderful Georgia family, the McGee faction (Hi, guys!), came to visit for the Independence Day holiday this year. They haven't been to our home in 3 years, as I've mentioned before, but it's been even longer since they brought the kids. In fact, their son had never even come to visit us, although their daughter came once when she was 1 (she is 9 now and almost as tall as I am.) They got here on Friday night and we spent a while visiting, but after a few hours of driving they were tired and needed some sleep, so after talking their ears off for a while Steve and I let them finally go to bed.

Saturday was set aside for the fam to visit the Sprocket and see the infamous Star Wars exhibit. I declined to join them, for reasons we all know and appreciate. However, I had some errands to run and Steve wanted to go and see it again, so they weren't bereft of a Pratt for the day. They said they had a lot of fun and enjoyed everything a great deal, and I'm glad. Sean got to first-bump Darth Vadar, which he was very excited about, and Katie (Kat, Kate) managed to construct a magnetic Lego car that completed the path without stopping. Steve and I had tried that when we were there together, but couldn't figure it out. Yay, Katie (Kat, Kate). Once they returned, we finished out the day with a cookout. Steve did us all proud. I think even the cows would have thought the steaks were delicious. :)

Sunday we took the McGees to Bridge Street, our local frewfraw shopping center. We knew that they would be having fireworks that night, so we planned to spend the day walking about and shopping. Unfortunately, we realized a bit late that we were way to early to stay until the fireworks, and there is only so much looking around and shopping that people can do! We had lunch, and after an unfortunate blue sno-cone incident, we went home for a bit so that Amy could change clothes and so I could fall asleep in my comfy chair. We finally headed back out closer to the time of the fireworks show and went to Steve's work, which had a great view of the fireworks. I LOVE watching fireworks! The bigger the better! :) The show was great and we ended the day at Waffle House, which is the way good evenings with friends should end.

Monday was the McGee's last day with us, so we went to lunch with Mr. Lee so they could visit a while and then they headed home. Steve and I went home and fell asleep! It was a great weekend and we were glad they could come and visit.

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