Friday, July 30, 2010




Today is going to be a rather lazy day, thank goodness. This will also be kind of random because nothing of real note happened today.

We started out with another giant breakfast. It simply does no good to tell Grandma we don't need that much food. She wants us to be stuffed at all times. It doesn't even do any good to put just a little on your plate and tell her you don't want any more, because she will literally hold the serving plate in your face until you take something. I'm going to try an experiment at our next meal to see if I can fake her out, but she's a wiley old bird... She will probably see right through me. I'm going to gain 15 pounds this weekend if she doesn't stop feeding us so much. She loves us, so I'll keep eating. I'd never hurt her feelings.

I've spent the last 3 days with the song "Me & Mrs. Jones" stuck in my head because someone planted it there on purpose. It's driving me nuts! I thought I had it on my iPod and if I listened to it, it would go away, but apparently I took it out of my play list. I used to think that person was my friend, but I'm not so sure of that anymore. :P

We didn't do a great deal (besides eat) today, but we went to Grandma's favorite Mexican restaurant and to a bookstore named Hastings. We don't have a place like it in Huntsville, as far as the range of stuff they carry, so we always try and visit while we are here.

Poor Mr. Lee! While we were out this afternoon, Steve, Grandma and I were sitting in the van waiting for him to come out of a store when a similar blue van parked next to us. The lady left her two kids inside while she ran in, so there was a girl in the front seat and a baby strapped into one of the middle seats. Mr. Lee came out of the store and headed right for the other van! Steve said "He's going to the wrong van." So I started banging on my window and yelling "MR. LEE! MR. LEE!" He got as far as opening the door to the other van before he realized it wasn't his. I'm sure the kids in the van weren't pleased, but he finally came back over to us and got in. Bless his heart! :)

After that, we've just been relaxing. I've been crocheting while everyone else watches TV. Steve put his leg over on me while I was trying to do a stitch and he kept bumping my arm, which irritated me, so I grabbed my scissors and cut a big bald spot out of his leg hair while he wasn't paying attention. I don't know how he didn't notice what I was doing, but it looks hilarious! What makes it even funnier, is that all he brought to wear is shorts! That'll learn him.

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