Tuesday, July 20, 2010


1) I did a little forensic investigating the other day and think I've figured out why so much of my neighbor's trash ends up in our yard! I happened to pass by their SUV the other day, and I saw that there was a trail of papers and things going from the back of it into our yard. Since I'm fairly certain they don't just sit in their vehicle and toss things out of the window, I am led to believe that they just have a junky car and they leave the doors open long enough for cross breezes to blow their crap into out of their car and into our yard! I mean, it doesn't account for everything we've ever found, but at least it explains some of it. They've moved down a few notches on my "List." Elementary, my dear Watson! (Just in case you are wondering, no, I'm not obsessed with the trash thing. I promise.)

2) Sara and I had a nice, girly day yesterday while she was hanging out on my side of town. We had lunch at Lynn's (which I recommend if you get a chance to go in. Yummy stuff!) We also went to the local farmer's market - which wasn't anything like I imagined it would be, and I forced her to go to Gigi's for cupcakes. Forced her, I say! :) Good times, noodle salad.

3) Steve and I recently bought a Sodastream. Basically, it's this gadget that allows you to make your own soda at home. It's been a lot of fun so far, and hopefully it will replace some of the bottles and cans we end up throwing away. Seriously, we have been a tree-hugger's worst nightmare with all of the glass and aluminum we throw away. The thing came with a sampler pack of soda syrups to try out, but most of them are kind of gross. They are made with Splenda, and I don't care what anyone says, that stuff is nasty. I don't like artificial sweeteners at all, and you can really taste it. However, some of them aren't that bad at all. My future plans involve learning how to make my own syrups and just use the machine to charge the water with CO2. If nothing else, it'll make soda water with no sodium in it, which is awesome. My favorite part of using the thing is the sound you get when you pull the bottle forward to unscrew it from the machine. It sounds like the space shuttle unhooking from the external tank! Very scientific. I am soon going to need a new kitchen just to store my gadgets, I think.

4) Speaking of impulse buys... I bought something the other day that is both sad and embarrassing. There was a night last week where I couldn't sleep at all and I spent hours on the computer just aimlessly browsing around. I was reading an article on Listverse (I think), and I followed a link to an "As Seen On TV" website. I promise you I wasn't looking to spend money on anything, and if I hadn't gotten to the point that I was getting kind of punchy and floopy because of lack of sleep, I wouldn't have even thought about ordering anything. Also, if the credit card hadn't been nearby, I probably wouldn't have used it either. It was like the universe pooled all of it's forces and tricked me into making this order. I ordered a pair of Pajama Jeans. *SHAME* It was like I was hypnotized! I opened up the link, and the video started playing, and my brain just, I don't know, took a leave of absence. I was like "Wow, they do look comfortable! They look like jeans, but they are made of DormiSoft (TM) fabric! Contrasting top stitching! They DO look like they were designed by some European designer! I need these! I need them now!" So I ordered them. Now that I've had sleep, I'm deeply ashamed of my lack of purchasing control. I have no doubt that they will be kind of cheesy, and probably end up being yoga pants with screen printed yellow stitching down each side, but darn it, I'm going to own my mistake. They haven't gotten to me yet, so I have to reserve complete judgment, but...Pajama Jeans? My hopes aren't that high.

5) I want to send out a request for prayers for my Aunt Brenda, if you please. She had a small accident and broke & dislocated her shoulder. From what I understand, she is doing OK, but I'm sure having a broken shoulder isn't pleasant. Also, we hope she doesn't have to have surgery to fix anything! Get well soon, Aunt Brenda!

6) I recently sent in a request to ITT Technical Institute for information on their Drafting program. It was the only place I could find in town that offers classes in AutoCAD, and I just wanted to see what was involved. Now the stupid recruiter keeps calling the house and I wish he'd stop until I get my brochure. You'd think that ITT Tech was more of some kind of cult than a school by the way they keep calling. Seriously, three times a day every day. Since I don't know what kind of questions to ask about the program yet, hence the request for a brochure, I don't answer the phone when they call, but it's getting really old. If they are this desperate for students, they are going about getting them in the WRONG way.


Kenny said...

I could be wrong, but I think you'd be better served by the university.

Here's the link:


amy said...

I've been wanting pajama jeans forever, or at least for the couple of years that I've known they exist. I saw them in the PajamaGram catalog, that I get because you sent me a Pajamagram one time. :) Which I loved.

My car trashes our own yard a lot. I hope it didn't do yours.

amy again said...

Thanks for the prayer request for my mom, too. She appreciates it!

Also, we love you of course. And Jon is going nuts wanting to race you guys.

amy yet again said...

I want the Sodastream. I'm sorry I am making so many comments. It's a good thing I'm broke, otherwise I would make more impulse purchases!

I think, in general (unsolicited advice), I'd stay away from for-profit universities. Just my 2 cents. They kind of have a bad rep. Of course, what matters is getting the skills, not how you get them. But listen to the Kenny.

Tae said...

I probably will listen to the Kenny, I'm just surprised I didn't find UAH in my search for AutoCAD classes. Honestly, after the calls, I think I want to avoid ITT altogether.