Thursday, July 29, 2010




The first thing I did this morning was wake myself up by ripping my starfish necklace off of my body and screaming a curse word.

I was dreaming that I was being choked by a chain (for once, I'd like to be Slave Leia in this dream) and so I grabbed it and pulled as hard as I could, only to wake up and realize that I had ruined the beautiful silver necklace that Steve had gotten me from Tiffany's for my birthday several years ago. I didn't break the chain, exactly, but I stretched it over three inches and now I'm too afraid to wear it in case one of the links gives way. I started crying because I felt so bad! I hardly ever took the necklace off and I've never done anything like that to it, and now it's ruined. I also now have a "rope burn" across the back of my neck where I pulled the chain so hard. I don't know how I got it off without breaking it, but the clasp still worked when I hooked it back together. On the bright side, I can honestly say that Tiffany's Peretti collection has wonderful craftsmanship, so in case you were thinking about getting anything there, at least you know it won't break! Silver lining. :(

After we partook of the complimentary breakfast, I bullied the guys into taking me to the French Quarter of New Orleans! Well, I didn't actually bully them, but I did ask. I kind of felt bad because it was out of our way and in the opposite direction of where we were going, but they took me anyways! We didn't get to see much because A) It was a million degrees. I'm not sure that's even an exaggeration, it was grossly hot, and B) we still had a long way to go to get to Grandma's house. We walked down the south part of Jefferson Square and a short way down Decatur Street (I think). That was the first time I actually remembered to take a foot picture in New Orleans!


After that, we drove and drove and drove some more. We made a stop at a Store Outlet shopping center so that Steve could get some shoes and so we could have lunch, and then we went back out on the road.

I must really go into some kind of Zen place while crocheting, because before I knew it, we had crossed over into Texas. We stopped at the welcome center, per our usual, and I went out on the walkway over Blue Elbow swamp to take some pictures.

Mr. Lee joined me, but we didn't stay out long because it was really, very hot and humid out there. We didn't see any snakes this year, but we did see a big turtle! Amazingly, that was it for wildlife. When we went back inside, I SWEAR I saw George Lucas picking up maps. It looked too much like him not to be, but Steve said it wasn't. Oh, well, I'm going to pretend it was him. It makes a much more interesting story, doesn't it? :) On our way out, we got hit up for money from a man who "ran out of gas" and as usual, we gave him a bit. He probably didn't need it for gas, but it never hurts, I guess. Maybe it'll give us some good karma, right?

We got back on the road, and after a couple of hours, we finally made it to Grandmas house! She immediately fed us. I had to warn her before we actually made the trip that she didn't need to feed us so much, but she never listens. Oh well... After we visited a bit longer, I finally had to give up and go to bed. It had been a long, butt-numbing drive and I was just glad to be in bed.

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