Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Alexis: This one had neither a picture or a reference of ingredients in my booklet nor the website. I cross referenced the name Alexis and Vosges in Google and it came up with a kind of wine. Eeeeeeeech, I don’t like wine. Josh always tried to give me all kinds of wine and I thought all of it was pretty disgusting. Great. Oh well, might as well try it out. It smelled a little weird, too. There is some kind of yellow powdery stuff on top that kind of smelled like curry powder. Plus, it was also hot. What IS it with this place and their hot and spicy stuff on top of the chocolate? It’s not that it’s bad at all…just…painful. And my lips are swelling up a little. Hmmmm, if nothing else, this is a tasty substitution to collagen treatments. The inside was sweet and slightly cough syrupy. Not in a bad way, but more in a – hey, mom sneaked my medicine into my candy so that I wouldn’t notice – kind of way. I’m not so sure that it’s my favorite, but it’s not bad.

6 out of 10 for my new, big, sultry lips. It may go down in rank if this turns out to be some kind of bad reaction, though.

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