Sunday, July 08, 2007

We interrupt this vacation story for my WEEKEND UPDATE! WOOOOOOOO!

But really, only because I'm afraid I'll forget what I did if I don't write about it now. : )

This was another wedding weekend for me. Not MY wedding, of course. I still haven't conned another man into wanting to be married to me yet, plus I'm still married to Steve for now.

Yikes, that would be an uncomfortable Thanksgiving, wouldn't it?

Anyway, I was asked to sing at another wedding, so after work on Friday, Steve and I went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Steve wouldn't normally go to these things with me, because he always has Steve-type things to do, but he was asked to do videography, so he had to scope out his angles.
The girl who was getting married is the daughter of our church secretary, and the wedding party was LARGE. We got there towards the end of the rehearsal, so we didn't have to be bored for long. They ran through the ceremony one more time, and I was able to practice my song at the appropriate time, and then we had dinner. Well, I say we had dinner, but I didn't eat. The poor lady who was catering didn't have enough hands to do everything that needed to be done, so I helped her out. I'm nice like that, sometimes. I did get a couple of bites of some kind of wonderful poppy seed chicken casserole or something, though. Gotta find that recipe! After we left, we ran a couple of errands and came home. Very exciting stuff.

Saturday I woke up early again, at about 3:30 am this time, and I let the dogs out and played on the computer until I was sleepy again. When I went back to bed I had really horrible nightmares about being attacked by someone's house cat. I have been having dreams about evil cats a lot lately, but I don't know why. I woke up this time convinced that my face was bleeding, but it wasn't. That was a really freaky dream. Well, I ended up wasting a lot of morning in sleep, although can we really call sleeping a waste of time? We got up and did some much needed cleaning, although we made barely a dent in the lair of filth that we call home. : ) The wedding wasn't until that evening, but we had to get there a bit early. Steve had to set up and since he and I had been asked to make a slide show for before the wedding, we had to be there to make sure that was up and running. As an aside, I'm getting better at the slide shows on my Mac. Better, faster, stronger...I'm the bionic Mac User!

Darn Steve and his Lee Major's kick.

The wedding went really well, and everyone said my song sounded nice. There wasn't even a hint of "Butterfly Kisses" anywhere in the whole ceremony, so I had very few problems. THe bride was really short and the groom really tall, so when he was told to kiss the bride, he picked her up and kissed her! It was so cute. : ) The reception was at a country club across the mountain from our church, and I was supposed to do the video for that. It was a beautiful evening and the weather was so nice. I'm glad things went so well for them. The bride was on the edge of hysterics, so had it rained she might have jumped off of the roof of the club house. Yeesh. Steve was dying to play golf, because the course was so nice, but of course it's tacky to break out your clubs during the middle of a wedding reception. In my opinion, at least. I was having to be careful what I filmed because I had very little battery power left in the camera and no spares. I was doing really well and got all of the important stuff until the dancing started. Everyone was being so silly that I wasted the rest of the battery recording them, so I missed her tossing the bouquet and leaving in the limo, but hey, when it's a choice between my church members acting foolish and someone throwing flowers, I'm going to film the dancing every time!
Sunday was back to normal. Church, lunch with the family and then a nap. I stayed home from evening service to work on some graphics stuff for work. I'm supposed to be decorating the IMAX lobby for Harry Potter, and I'm woefully behind. : ( Oh well, I can only be perfect some of the time!

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