Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hola, Y'all!

I know, I know...it's Tuesday and I'm just now doing my weekend update. I hope you were able to control your anticipation.

I will have to begin with Saturday because I don't remember Friday a bit.

Saturday was one of those blessed days where I didn't have anything to do. I don't mean that in the "I was bored" way at all. I mean that in the best way possible. Steve and I had mowed the lawn on Thursday, so that was done, and we didn't have anywhere to be or any afore made plans. It was heavenly. I slept till the relatively late hour of 8:30 that morning and got up to let the dogs out and surf around on the internet. I also learned how to make French toast, which I had never attempted to do before. Of course, that's not a big accomplishment since it's just frying a piece of wet bread, but still... Steve was still asleep, and I didn't want to wake him, so I had beakfast, watched TV and did some random stuff around the house. At 12:45, the moment I had been waiting for all week finally came! My Harry Potter book arrived! *woop woop!* I know that probably makes me a terrible nerd to most of you fine folks (except for the cool ones who share my love for the books) but I don't care a bit. The book was huge. I wasn't expecting it to be so long, but I was excited to start reading it - which I did immediately. I was about 100 pages into it when I had to stop reading and go get some groceries. I didn't mind, though, because I love to grocery shop. I went to Yuppie Market, or Fresh Market for those of you who don't shop there, and got some steaks to grill and some odds and ends that we needed for the coming week. My only problem with the store, well, besides the snide soccermom looks I occasionally get from the "old money" folks, is that there isn't much to buy there that will keep for a while. By that, I mean the stuff that you usually buy frozen that you can pull out and heat up for dinner if you don't have much time. Of course, I think that underminds the whole idea of being "Fresh Market!" So, Steve grilled lunch and we watched some old Unsolved Mysteries episodes. After lunch, I wanted to go back to my book, but I had promised to have the wedding DVD done by the next day so the family could have it. I spent the next couple of hours editing the video and audio parts of it, as well as building a DVD menu so it could be pretty! I don't know if I'll win an Oscar for my work, but I don't think it was too bad. : ) Of course I returned to my book later on in the day and made it to chapter 23 before I went to bed that night. Steve was mad because I can read faster than he can listen to the audio novel, and I was going to know what happened before he did!

Sunday was church, of course, and I was once again off-handedly insulted by a guy who I am friends with. Bless his heart, I know he never means to do it, but he puts his foot in his mouth all of the time. We were talking about swimming, and I mentioned that I didn't like to wear a bathing suit and he was telling me that his wife didn't like to either. Then he said "You know, I don't like skinny women. You and (wife) and just about the perfect size." Well, since I know I'm not exactly svelt, I didn't say anything, but I just rolled my eyes and laughed. He's also the same guy who told me he almost didn't recognize me because I was dressed like a lady. Heh, oh well. At least I know he wasn't trying to be insultin! Later on, we went to my parent's house to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday with them. Steve and I normally give him a check, but due to an oversight on our banking, we weren't able to write him a check that wouldn't bounce out of orbit when he tried to cash it. I had a bunch of rolled coins, so I was going to cash them in for some "foldin' money" and put that in his card. Steve had a better idea, though, and we dumped $25 dollars worth of dimes, nickles, and pennies into a box. I made him a card that said: "Happy Birthday! As a new year comes along for you, we hope the change does you good!" Cheesy, I know, but he still didn't get it until we explained what we meant. Heeheehee. He thought it was funny once he understood. Everyone enjoyed the box of change and the joke as well. Whew. Sometimes I feel like an alien in my family. If I didn't look so freakishly like my mother, I'd almost believe someone left me on their doorstep as a baby! That night we went to church again and had dinner with some church folks at Cracker Barrel. I wasn't hungry in the least, but the company was fun. I think I'm going to buy one of the pretty quilts in that store. I heart Cracker Barrel!

Although it was a good day, I had some weighty issues on my mind that made the day imperfect. Although I'm getting much better about not worrying about things that I can't control, there are still some things that really bother me, things that matter a great deal to me. I don't think I could discuss them with anyone, Lord knows I've tried, because I don't really know how to articulate what is bothering me about them. I mean, *I* know what it is, but trying to explain it to someone else makes it sound trite and silly when it is really anything but. I know I'll figure it out one of these days. I just worry that I'm going to go about the issue the wrong way. It's hard to know what can and can't be said, because even when you think you know what you can talk about with someone- they surprise you in the worst possible ways sometimes. Ugh. Anyways, I'll figure it out I guess. I hope. I just don't think I'm cut out to think seriously for very long periods of time.

Monday I didn't go to work because I wasn't feeling well. I wasn't sick, really, but I hurt all over and I had zero energy. Normally I'd equate the feeling with doing a lot of heavy manual labor in the hot sun, but I hadn't done anything like that at all. I don't mean to sound pitiful, or try and illicit sympathy, but I want to explain what was wrong in case any of you can tell me if it sounds familliar to you because it has started to happen quite a lot with me and I don't know what to think. I woke up with my back hurting like crazy, and when I stood up my legs were sore too. Not just my muscles, but my knees and ankles hurt too. When I moved around a little more, my whole right side felt like it was swollen up, and my joints each had what felt like a perfect band of pain around them. It actually hurt to touch them. I was also stiff and I kind of hobbled around all day hunuched over like Quasimodo. It was weird! At least I didn't waste the whole day, because I was able to finish my Harry Potter book! HAHAHAHAHA! It was awesome. I will give no spoilers, but I will say that I guessed at least three things about the book correctly all along. So, in your FACE you doubters of mine!!!!! And no, I didn't fake being sick just to stay home and read! : ) I'm sad the series is over, but it was a good ride.

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