Tuesday, July 31, 2007

After leaving work, I decided to do a few things that I've been putting off for a while. First I went to get my oil changed. I always feel so awkward sitting there, staring at the nice gentlemen as they do strange things to my car. The guy who was changing out the oil apparently lost control of the hose and sprayed the front of Lois down with Valvoline! Suddenly I was surrounded by workers as they mopped up the mess. I'm just glad that I didn't have the top down. : )

Since I haven't had the car fully washed since I got it (shut up, I've been busy) I decided to take it to the local drive through car wash. I've been a little scared to do that because I've never driven a convertible through one of those and I was afraid I'd rip the top or something. However, once I got the hot oil treatment at the Jiffy Lube, I decided it would at least be worth a try. I screwed up right away by hitting my brakes twice while I was in the thing that moves the car along. To be fair, the guy knocked on the window twice to hand me the antenna, so it was more of a knee jerk thing to hit the brakes! Once I had all of my windows up, I was pulled into the machine. Now, Lois has a little problem I had forgotten about. Normally it isn't noticeable except during very hard rain. There is a tiny leak along one of the windows. It's only a drip, so even when rain is beating down on me it's only a slight annoyance. However, when you focus high pressure streams of water at the car, the slight drip turns into a crowd control hose. Water was streaming in all over me, and there was no way I could do anything about it. I held my hand under it, but all that did was redirect the stream of water so that it ran all over my arm and leg. SIGH. Once I was out of the car wash, I drove straight ahead while I was trying to shake the water off of me. Because I was focusing on that instead of where I was going, I almost ran into a barrier. I had to slam on my breaks and my poor car made a "scccccccccccccccccccccccccccccreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech" sound when it stopped. *shame* I wound up stopping at the Dollar Tree for about thirty minutes so that my clothes and my car would have a chance to dry off.

Once I got home, it was time for lawn maintenance. I should probably stop making fun of Kenny for talking about mowing his lawn so much because I've gotten just as bad about doing it. I say I should stop...but I'm not going to! It's almost all I have left! Anyways, before I began to mow, I got out my giant earphones that I used when working at the radio station. They look like Princess Leia buns on my head, but they block out some of the lawnmower noise so that I can listen to the iPod. One problem with them, though, is that the cord is really long. Somehow, and I still am not sure how, the cord got wrapped around a limb of a tree I was under and the headphones were ripped off of my head. I almost fell out of the seat backwards! I had to drag the headphones around until I could stop the lawnmower and get re-situated. After that things went pretty well until I did something terrible. I feel so horrible about this that I still want to throw up. As I was mowing, I somehow hit a fire ant hill. We don't usually have those in our yard, so it scared me when a puff of brown dust and ants flew out from under my mower. I was so worried about making sure I didn't have fire ants on me (because they hurt sooooooo bad) that I didn't see...gulp...the baby bunny rabbit. I ran over it. It makes me shiver to think about it. I ran over it, but it didn't kill it. It lay there and twitched. I was horrified. Seriously, I didn't know what to do. I hoped that it wasn't hurt that badly since I had the blades fairly high, but I was wrong. Steve had to go and...take care of it. I still feel terrible about it because I would never hurt anything if I could help it and I think I feel even worse that Steve had to deal with it because he's just as soft hearted about animals as I am. *groan*

After the murder, I had to mow the back yard. Cleatus, the neighbor-dog, and I played "Cleatus is going to eat the neighbor" which is a game he dearly loves. He waits by the fence and then runs and barks as I pass by. Then he goes back to the starting point and does it all over again until I pass by again. That dog is seriously on crack. I was still trying to get over the incident in the front yard, so I took that opportunity to sing along with my music. I sang loudly and very possibly atonally, so I'm glad the lawnmower was loud.

After that I came back inside for dinner and to watch a movie. We saw Hot Fuzz, which was hilarious. Now I'm going to go to bed before anything else happens to me.

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