Friday, July 27, 2007

Oaxaca: guajillo and pasilla chillies + dark 75% Tanzanie chocolate + organic pumpkin seeds.

This particular truffle was good because the chocolate is wonderful – dark and a little bitter, but sweet enough to keep it from being too smoky. However, this one caught me off guard because I didn’t have my little booklet with me to tell what kind of truffle it was going to be…and it was hot. I mean, it was spicy. It literally burned my mouth when I was eating it.

Since there was no visible reason why it should have been hot, I got scared that I had suddenly developed an allergy to chocolate which would, of course, drive me to drink or something. There are many things I can live without, but I’m not sure chocolate is one of them.

However, it just turned out to have chili peppers in it. Once the sharp pain went away – about ten minutes later – I sort of decided that I liked it. A lot. Then I decided that I really didn’t need my chocolate fetish to lead into any other kind of fetishes.

7 out of 10 for the extra long burn.

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