Monday, July 30, 2007


Friday: Friday after work, I needed to go get groceries. I had to back out of going to a Waters concert with Steve and Anthony because I knew I wouldn't have another chance to go once the weekend got started. As much as I enjoy grocery shopping (and I don't exactly know why I enjoy it to be honest) there is a situation that I don't enjoy. It's the "Got To Buy Giant Stuff" grocery shopping. I don't mean Sam's shopping, because their buggies are built to carry big stuff. I'm talking about when you have to go and get sodas, storage boxes, or giant bags of dog food. I had to bet both the sodas for Steve and a giant bag of Purina for the boys, plus a big container of detergent to wash clothes. That wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't also have to get food for us, too! I knew I didn't want my food squashed, so I got these big things first. That was kind of stupid, because then I didn't have enough room to place everything safely into the cart and I had to balance everything on top. I really didn't have that many groceries, but it looked like I might be stocking up for the winter the way things were piled up. It was heavy, too! When I was 12, I was a candy striper for our local hospital and I had to push a 400 pound woman down the hall in her wheelchair. I had to lean into it to manage, and that is how I felt at Target. When I finally managed to check out, I kept having to jump and catch bags as they slid off of the stack. I finally just ended up putting the top down on my car and throwing everything in that way, because I didn't think my trunk could handle it! : )
When I got home, Steve and Anthony were gone, so I made dinner and rented an On Demand movie called "Black Christmas." It was a remake of an old slasher flick, so I thought it would be a quality movie to watch while eating! It wasn't wasn't good either...but it was kind of tame until Steve and Anthony came back. It turned out they had decided against the concert and just went to dinner. As soon as they came in and sat down, the movie took a drastically disgusting turn. Seriously, up until then, it was just your run-of-the-mill not so scary scary movie. That always happens to me! When I lived at my parent's house, I could be watching a perfectly normal movie, and when I mom or dad came into the room suddenly every other word would be a curse word and then everyone would be naked. SIGH. Anyways, so I turned it off and we sat and talked a while. Then he and Steve started in with the tech-talk and I decorously faded into the background and did other things.

Saturday: I actually went to work on Saturday to make up some of the hours I missed last Monday when I wasn't feeling well. It was mostly just to make up the hours for pay because I didn't have that much to do, work-wise. I had to break into my co-worker's office because I had been given the wrong key to open the door and for some reason, he is the only one who has a print driver in his office and I needed to print. I kicked in his door, but I managed to fix the lock again once I was inside. Shhhhhhh. I didn't stay until 4:00 like I planned, because I got so bored! After work I knew I needed to go to Wal-Mart to get something I had forgotten at Target the night before, but when I got there I couldn't remember what it was I needed! I hate that!!!! Not only is it frustrating, but I always wind up wandering around trying to remember what it was I needed and end up buying things I don't need! Boo!!!!!! The rest of the day was fairly slow. Steve had gone to work to do some necessary techno-weenie stuff and I spent the rest of the day trying not to take a nap. I did some laundry and *gasp* made the bed! I had thought about mowing the lawn, but it had started to rain. You know, we didn't cut our grass for a month because of the drought, but now it looks like a rain forest in a week! I don't understand weather!

Sunday was church. When not doing my secretary duties, I made a pepakura cow for my nephew Seth, who's birthday lunch we were having at mom and dad's house that afternoon. Pepakura is 3 dimensional models of stuff made from paper. I think I've talked about that before. Anyways, the little money-grubber just wanted a check for his birthday (which I hate to give - but it IS his birthday after all) so I folded the check and put it inside the cow. I wish you could have seen his face when I handed him the little grubby paper cow and said Happy Birthday. : ) To be fair, he was very polite about it, and he didn't make a fuss. I honestly thought he'd ask me if that was all, but he didn't. There is some hope for that little red-neck child, yet! I told him to pull off it's head, and he looked at me like I was crazy. I asked if he thought I'd only give him a paper cow for a birthday gift, and his face told me that "yes, you might, you weirdo!" Anyways, he was happy for the check! After lunch, Logan, my older nephew, tried to teach me how to hit golf balls. Dude, I suuuuuuuuuck. I'd like to learn the whole golf thing so that Steve and I will have at least one thing in common and something we can do together! It's amazing to me how we ever wound up married. Anyways, I figured that if I could learn to play golf, which Steve likes to do, we might could do that together. I managed to take a rather sizable chunk out of my parent's yard before I actually hit the ball. It went about seven feet. I also took part of a low lying branch off of one of their trees. Yeah, I think Tiger Woods is not going to have to worry about me anytime soon. Steve said he'd take me to a driving range sometime soon, so maybe I will be able to learn more before I hurt myself or kill anyone. My nephews, 8 and 13 years old, have been playing since they were old enough to hold a club, so it was a little embarrassing for me to be shown up by kids their age! : )
That night at church we had a snack thing, so I was in the kitchen helping out. At least I was back in my element. Heeheehee.

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