Thursday, July 26, 2007

...and we're back!

Before I give you my first YCOTD update for the new box of chocolates, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the new and little known brand that I will be exploring. I had read about Vosges Chocolate a while back in either a magazine or on one of those web sites where you go to look at expensive things that you don't think you are ever going to get to see in real life. I like reading about artisan chocolate because they are usually made with very odd ingredients or unusual spices that you wouldn't normally run across in candy. Of course, I drooled all over my keyboard when reading about Vosges, but was loathe to order any online because it was sure to arrive at my house while I was at work and sit in the sun all day until I got home. It would have either ended up all bloomed or melted and I would have been unhappy! However, I was excited to see that there was a Vosges boutique in the Forum Shops center in Las Vegas and so I made a point to go in a buy one of almost everything that they had truffle wise.

You can go to the web site and read about the company, if you like. It's interesting, if a little pretentious, but what chocolate boutique isn't a bit pretentious when you get right down to it? This company even gives you directions on how to eat their truffles!

I wound up buying a box of 32 truffles ($73 for the box, yikes!). They were more expensive than I would normally spend on chocolate, but I figured that since I was in Vegas...why not? Since they didn't have 32 different types of truffles, I got some duplicates in case I missed something the first go around. : ) My reviews will be structured as follows:



I will say this, however. I do like Godiva better than these. I don't know if it's just because of the more traditional ingredients, because I have a long and intimate relationship with their chocolate already, or because the box I had most recently was given to me by someone who is very dear to me and who reguards me in a friendly manner. I don't know. However, I want to give the Vosges a fair shot, so I will not be comparing them directly. I just wanted to get that out of the way first.

Red Fire: Ancho chili powder + Ceylon cinnamon + dark chocolate

This one didn’t have a picture on the website, but imagine it as a ball of perfect dark chocolatiness coated in chili powder. Woo-HOO! This is what chocolate should be like and what it was to the Aztecs that were, officially, the first chocoholics!

You know, I don’t really know very much about my family’s history. It's not so far fetched to think that I could be part Aztec! That would explain my love for chocolate and my desire to sacrifice people during the equinox. Anyway…

This is another example of the whole chocolate/cinnamon miracle that I am so fond of. Add in the chili powder, which gives it a spicy burn, and that only makes it better!

10 out if 10, because it was really freaking tasty.

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