Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dark Caramel Embrace: A chewy-soft center of premium chocolate caramel enrobed in dark chocolate

I'm sad to say that this is the last piece of chocolate from the box that Kenny gave me for graduation. First off, I'd like to say thank you,
LinkKenny-Dahling, for feeding my addiction to premium, high quality chocolate. Thank you also for such a wonderful gift that spawned a reason for me to both eat and describe each piece.

I have to say that I am able to go out with a bang. This piece was toe curlingly fantastic. It was like chocolate and happiness met, fell in love, and had a baby. The only thing that could have possibly made it better would be if I could be eating on a beach somewhere at sunset...with Josh Groban feeding it to me and singing in Italian. Sorry, but that part of the fantasy doesn't change. : )

When I resume my YCOTD posts, we will be working our way through the box I got in Las Vegas from Vosges Chocolates!

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