Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I have recently begun getting a subscription of Town & Country magazine. Normally I don't go and buy that magazine, but I had some Coke points to use up before a certain date and I decided to use it for that. I like to read it because it's basically a magazine for the filthy rich. That sounds kind of funny to say, but literally it talks about things that no lower, middle, or even upper-middle class folks probably ever think about. I think it's a fun read, mainly because I know I'll never be able to buy any of those things and it makes me laugh to hear about the obscenely frivolous things that some people spend a LOT of money on. Of course, that let me to ponder a question:

If someone of my solid middle-class upbringing suddenly had millions upon millions of dollars, I'm talking about the kind of bank that makes it possible to never worry about money again, how long would it take before they started spending their money on expensive, yet impractical, things. I'm not talking about paying off bills, loans and mortages, or even that first splurge of spending that I'm sure would happen to anyone who came into a lot of money. I'm talking about $3,500 handbags, $80,000 earrings (both of which I saw in the magazine) or $200,000 home sound systems. I suppose the correct term would be "Luxury" items. The thought of spending that kind of cash all in one drop, and not buying something important, kind of takes my breath away.

Granted, I'd love to be loaded and be able to pay off my bills, take care of my family and pay for my nephew's college educations, but would I - personally - ever find myself browsing through Tiffany's for a necklace that cost more than some people make in a year just because I had the money to do so? Would I drive a super expensive car or a gigantic house? It's an interesting thought. I'd love to hear your views on it, too. I don't really think there would be one all-encompassing answer for this.


Amy said...

I definitely wouldn't drive a gigantic house.

(I may add a non-smartassy comment later)

Tae said...

Hey, there is a lot to say about a giant Airstream trailer, you know! It's totally possible to drive your house! : )

Stephen said...

Dang! Amy beat me to it.

Amy said...

My imaginary Airsteam is towed behind my imaginary jeep.