Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've been booked to sing at two more weddings! Once girl I don't even know, but I know her aunt. Apparently, I was recommended. Now, I just need to locate the CD she wants me to sing and we'll be all set. Her wedding is at the end of December, so I don't have much time!

The other wedding is not until November of next year, but the girl who asked said she has wanted me to sing at her wedding for the past five years. Wow. Bless her heart, she's been so anxious to get married that I'm not altogether sure she didn't tell her boyfriend that if she didn't marry her she'd break up with him (or murder him, rather.) I don't think he really wanted to get engaged, but I suppose when the whip is cracked, the weak man will bend. That sounds kind of mean, I suppose, but I find it hard to respect a man who can get talked into getting married. I just hope that being married is as blissful as this girl thinks it's going to be. I have no idea what I'm singing in that wedding, but since she's been planning her wedding since she met this guy, I'm sure she had a long list to choose from! : )

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