Monday, December 03, 2007

Let's play the hypothetical game!

Let's say you are one of the managers of a rather large and rather famous tourist attraction. For funzies, let's say it's a space museum! Now, this imaginary space museum is building a large and rather impressive addition to hold a really large a Saturn V rocket. Now tell me, would you ask your graphics department to go down to the new addition and decide about the kinds of signs the new building will need BEFORE the sheet rock has even been added to the walls?

Yeah, that does sound kind of silly. : ) Not to mention that a contractor will be making most of the signage anyways. That almost deserves a "Bless Your Heart" award. Heehehee

My weekend was very normal this time. Steve and I did put up the Christmas tree, though. It's the first time in two years that I have been able to help with that. Poor Steve almost got electrocuted by a broken bulb, but thankfully he only got the crap shocked out of him. I would say that it was funny, but I hated that it hurt so badly! We got Griswold out of his box in the garage and turned on "Christmas Vacation," which is easily the funniest Christmas movie ever made. Turns out that putting the tree together and decorating it takes exactly as long as the movie lasts! Go us! I'm so glad we have an artificial tree. I've never liked real trees in the house. It seems sort of perverse to me to kill a tree just to bring it into the house for a couple of weeks and watch it fall apart. Also, I like symmetry and real trees hardly ever have that. Of course, I am not what you would call a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas anyways, so I'm sure that my opinion is not shared by many. I can totally dig that.

Saturday was also Butler's 5th birthday! My dog is getting old! We gave him french fries (of course, they are his favorite) and as a party favor, we got a rawhide bone that was about 2 1/2 feet long. Butler didn't seem interested, but Bear decided that he couldn't rest until he'd gnawed it to death. We had to physically remove the dog from the bone, and even then he chewed at the bars of his kennel trying to get at it. It was really strange. We left it outside the next day and Bear spent the whole day chewing it. I'm afraid he isn't going to have any teeth left when he's done.

Sunday was church and lunch with Mom. After evening service, we went to eat with a bunch of people from our church and someone brought Steve's grandma an ice cream cake for her birthday. It wasn't out of the freezer for long when they gave me the task of cutting it. Imagine trying to cut a rock hard wedge of dessert with a plastic knife! The first one snapped and almost blinded me and granma with flying chunks of plastic. Then someone finally handed me a big pocket knife and we sort of got things moving with that. Nelson, the Smartest Man Alive, finally told me how to cut it to where we wouldn't have to wait for the whole thing to thaw and it worked! Yay! Of course, by then I was sticky up to my elbows and had bits of ice cream melting in my lap. Sometimes you'll do crazy things for your Grandma, won't you? Good times, good times.

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The Green Goddess Amy, who has an artificial tree said...

You can get live trees with the root ball intact, and they can be replanted after the holiday.

Happy birthday Grandma Pratt and Butler. Butler and I are almost exactly the same age.