Monday, December 17, 2007


FRIDAY: Friday night was the annual choir and
music ministry dinner at church. I should have gone over to the church
much earlier than I did, but when I came home and changed clothes, I
lay down for a couple of minutes and wound up sleeping quite soundly
for a couple of hours! I felt so bad. Selena, the head of the hostess
committee, probably had to deal with the cooking and set up all alone.
She did a great job, but I felt bad that I didn't come and help her!
Even though quite a few people were missing, it was a success and I
believe everyone had a really good time. Mr. Lee did his one man show
and he was really funny.

SATURDAY: Saturday wasn't all that
eventful, but I did have to go grocery shopping. I was scared. As you
know, I hate going shopping at places like Target and Wal -Mart during
the holiday time, but I had no choice since I had to pick up a
prescription. Luckily for me, though, I somehow managed to get in and
out of Target perfectly in between when they opened and when the first
crazy shoppers arrived. I even got to park close to the front of the
parking lot! Go Me! The only draw back I had was that when I got back
to the car with my purchases, two old people sat in their cars and
waited for me to get my things in the trunk and pull out. I hate
Parking Lot Vultures! It makes me want to just say screw the milk and
whatever else needs to be refrigerated and walk back into the store
just to piss them off. I don't think it would bother me so much if they
didn't pass up perfectly good parking spaces and back up traffic just
to wait for me to leave so that they could park three feet closer to
the entrance. BOO! I came home with my purchases and had lunch and I
watched an honest to goodness scary movie. I'm kind of jaded when it
comes to scary movies these days. There aren't that many that are truly
spooky. They are gross and violent, but if you've seen one half-naked
chick get decapitated for not being smart enough to run in the right
direction, you've seen a million of them. No, the movie I rented on On
Demand was "1408.' It's based on a Stephen King novella which was good ,
but not his best work. Stephen King stories sometimes don't translate
well from book to screen, but this one was awesome! It's too long to
really explain, but it had me balled up on the couch and hiding behind
a pillow. I NEVER do that when watching "horror" movies. In fact, I
don't even know if you can consider 1408 to be a horror movie. It was
more of a psychological thriller-suspense movie. Needless to say, I
think you should watch it yourself if you like those kinds of movies.
Only one spoiler - The Carpenters have never freaked me out more! : )
That night, Steve and I had dinner with Anthony at Bonefish
Grille. The food is good, if you like seafood that is, but it seems a
little over hyped to me. We had a good time, though. I firmly believe
that even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are delicious when you eat them in good company. : )

SUNDAY: Sunday was Church, of course. We didn't have normal services that morning because the choir was doing their Christmas cantata.
They did excellently, in my opinion. I volunteered to video the musical
for a man who is in the choir, but unfortunately, he didn't have a
tripod for the camera. I did the best I could to hold it still, but
there is going to be some movement. Oops. The camera also ran out of
memory about 30 seconds into the last song, but that wasn't my fault! :
) We had lunch with Mr. Lee and Grandma and then went home to
accidentally fall asleep on the couch. There is something almost
perfect about lazy Sunday afternoon naps. Unfortunately, I spent all of
my own nap having violent nightmares! I sang during the evening
service. I was nervous because I haven't sung during worship service in
so long. I found a version of "O Holy Night" that I really liked. It
was the version that Mariah Carey did on her Christmas album. I am fully surprised that I could sing it since she has a 5 octave vocal range, but I've realized that I don't have to sing all 5 octaves, even if she does! I have a three octave range like most normal people, so it worked out.
was hard for me to sing for more personal reasons, too, though. I've
mentioned before that I was supposed to sing at my parent's church in
October, but then papa died so suddenly. He was so excited about
hearing me sing, and I didn't get a chance to do it. But right as I got
up to sing, I had the nicest feeling that he was listening anyways, so
that helped me get through it. I kept crying when I'd rehearse, but I
got through the actual performance without crying at all. I just miss
him so much, I guess. It'll take a while before singing doesn't hurt so
I was also broadcast via satellite (or cell phone, if you
want to get picky) to the girl whose wedding I'm singing at this month.
I suppose she was a little worried that I might sound like Kermit the
Frog or something, so her aunt came in and called her and held up the
phone while I was singing. I almost started laughing! I've never had
that to happen to me before!

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