Friday, December 07, 2007


1) Zee house, she is clean. Well, clean-ish. I've decided that I really don't care for cleaning, especially bathrooms. I really hate cleaning our front bathroom because whatever post WWII company that threw our subdivision together decided that white tiles on the floor and halfway up the walls was a good idea. Granted, it was probably lived in by some family that had a housewife who spent a great deal of time scrubbing the tiles and making them look lovely, but it isn't so convenient for a chicka who works full time and is usually too tired to hands-and-knees scrub the floor. Hastared contractor.

2) My hands are cold and I can't find my gloves or mittens. My mom gave me a great pair of leather gloves a couple of years ago and I have inadvertently packed them away somewhere. I also bought myself a pair of convertible mittens that you can fold the over-the-finger part back and button them to the back of your hand. They had gloves underneath without fingertips so I could still have my dexterity in case I had to do outside signage in the winter. I just saw them the other day, too. Grrrrr. I am usually hot natured, but my hands and feet always get painfully cold during winter. I guess I could always just start wearing socks over my hands or something. Don't worry, though. I'll find them. : )

3) I did some Christmas decorating last night! Normally I don't bother with anything other than the Christmas tree because bric-a-brac just gets in the way. Over the past two days, though, while I haven't been busy at work, I've been making 3D paper craft snowflakes and they are now hanging over the door. They are really pretty, but a pain in the rear to make. Lots of cutting. LOTS.

4) I almost had a throw down with one of the VPs yesterday. Well, I say that, but I never could get them on the phone. They are so unorganized! For some reason they think we can design signs and displays without having any information about what needs to be on them, where they need to go, and when they need to be done. Plus this particular guy - whom is referred to as The Pointy Haired Boss by some - never tells us directly what he needs. He always sends a message through someone else and it's never clear what he's asking for. It makes me want to slam my own head repeatedly into my keyboard.

5) You know, I thought I had strange co-workers. However, I just got trumped. My source, who shall remain nameless, works with a woman who comes into work and takes of her skirt and just sits there in her slip. She will drape her skirt across her lap, but she doesn't wear it. Maybe she has good reasons for this, but I can't even begin to understand what they could be. Seriously, that is deranged. Not only that, but someone who works with my source had to go into her office once, and the lady just stood up and held the skirt in front of herself. The guy who had to go in was also disturbed at this, for good reason. I know I've threatened to take off my clothes and work in my underwear when it gets 80 or 90 degrees in my office, but I'd probably never actually do it. Yikes.

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