Tuesday, December 11, 2007


FRIDAY: Work on Friday was very relaxing. I literally had nothing to do. This time of year it's always like that. Since my boss was not there, I worked on the baby blanket I've been crocheting. Unfortunately I ran out of an important color of yarn, so I decided to use up the yarn I've had in my office and make something cute. I've seen tons of patterns for "amigurumi" which are small crocheted toys. I've never tried to make any of them because I don't really have a reason to make toys, but it's so much fun I think I'll start doing it anyways! I decided to make a stuffed eel, but unfortunately all I got done was the body and it was unfortunately very phallic looking. I had to hide it under the desk while I was working on it so my co-workers wouldn't think I was a complete pervert.
Greg was coming over to stay the night and he and Steve were telling manly stories when I got home. They don't get to see each other that often, so after dinner I just left them alone to do man-stuff. I got pulled in a couple of times, but mainly I sat back and finished my eel. I had to. Greg made fun of it, so I had to finish it. It's got a face and everything now, so it doesn't look as perverse as it did. : )

SATURDAY: This was a full day! I sat around and talked with Steve and Greg for a while and then drove out to E.L. to have lunch with some family members. A cousin of mine, who I used to spend a lot of time with as a kid, his parents and his wife were staying with my mom that night and he wanted us to get together. We didn't get along very well as kids, mainly because he was an only child and I was the youngest child and we had conflicting issues of wanting attention, I guess. We got along much better this time! Heeheehee. He reminded me of the time that we got in a fight over something and beat the snot out of each other with badmintonrackets. Ahhhhhh, good times. : ) I didn't get to stay very long because Steve's corporate Christmas party was that night and I had to get ready for that as well as sew buttons on a jacket for Steve. Buttons suck.
We had a great time at the party, even though Steve STILL refuses to dance with me. We sat at the geek table with the other IT guys and their wives. I got to meet Scott, the new guy, and I like him a lot. I also got to see the ladies who put the party together (great job, by the way!) and I met the president of the company again. I don't think he remembers me because I think this was the third time he's introduced himself to me. Oh well. There were a lot of silly dancers out there. Drunk exectutives are a fun bunch to watch. : ) I refused to buy anything new for the party this year because I didn't know how long we'd stay. Last year I spent a lot of money on a dress and shoes and everything and we stayed an hour. Boo. I think I looked OK though. I was having a great hair day, I know that. My dress, unfortunately, was cut a little low, so all night I felt like I was wearing a blinking sign that said "My Boobz! Let me show you them!" There was a lot of neckline tugging. After we got home, Steve and I played his new X-Box game. Normally I don't care for video games, but this one is fun. It's some kind of Lego Star Wars thing. I kick butt when driving an AT-AT, but I'm not so good on the speeder bikes. : )

SUNDAY: We had church, of course, but we didn't go to lunch anywhere. It was kind of nice being able to come home and relax. We played more of the video game and took naps. Church was that night and then dinner with Grandma and Mr. Lee.

Monday isn't exactly part of the weekend, but I woke up feeling sick and I didn't go to work. I spent the day making another crochet animal.

That is all.


Brian said...

Mmmmm, boobz.

Kenny said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Tae said...

Brian: I should've known...

Kenny: Yes I am feeling better! Thanks!