Tuesday, December 04, 2007


1) I want a cat. Well, more specifically, I want a Scottish fold cat. I love their ears. Of course, I can't have a cat of any kind for three reasons: A) Steve hates cats. B) Any animal smaller than a cocker spaniel will be a satisfying snack for my dogs and C) Most cats don't like me. They know I'm a dog person at heart and they hold it against me. I've only met two cats that have ever liked me. One is my furry nephew Duke and the other is Chairman Meow, which lives in Georgia. Otherwise they avoid me like the plague. :(

2) I did a face plant in my yard Sunday morning. I was going around the side of the house to pet my doggies and the heel of my boot got caught in a gopher hole. It wasn't much fun for me, but I'm sure seeing my purse and bible fly out of my hands like projectiles was great fun for the neighbors! Even the dogs laughed at me!

3) I love Christmas music. I love all kinds of it, even the secular stuff, but my favorites are Christmas hymns. They are very spiritually satisfying. Is there any better song for the holidays than "O Holy Night?" It always gives me the shivers.

4) I picked up a magazine the other day called $100,000 Quilting Challenge because I have been thinking about trying my hand at making a quilt. I know, I know, like I need any more crap in my art office. However, apparently the magazine I picked up wasn't just about quilting, but a special magazine that is published as part of an actual competetion for quilt makers. I thought that I would be pretty good at quilting until I looked at the ones that are finalists in the competetion. Then I thought to myself...ooooooooh, yeah. Probably not going to ever be this good at it!

More later. Maybe.

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