Thursday, November 08, 2007

OK, I ate some more of my candy last night and realized a couple of things:

1) I now know why I don't make a habit out of eating candy. Granted, I probably sound like all I ever do is eat, but just a little something sweet normally suffices for me. I get sugar rushes like you wouldn't believe! On the plus side, though, I was hyper enough to do the dishes last night.
: )

2) I don't have any idea what this is.
I know it's supposed to be sour, which it is, and I know it's supposed to be some kind of gummy candy, but that is where my knowledge stops. The box itself perplexes me because it doesn't give me any indication about what the stuff is supposed to taste like. On a lot of the other packages, there are at least pictures of fruit or something. This box just has a picture of some kind of blobby thing wearing a lab coat, reading a math book, and has a puckered up mouth. The box also has the letters "IQ" on them, so maybe this candy is supposed to make you smarter or something. Another thing that bothers me about the candy is that I can't decide what the flavor is. It's kind of grape-like, but not at all grape like. I don't know. I'll just say it's Japan flavored. The pieces are small, cone shaped, purpleish gummy things that have a thin, sour coat of candy on the outside. The texture also bothers me because the gummy part plus the crunchy part make it feel like I'm chomping on a gummy worm with gristle in it. It's very strange. However, no matter how I felt about the texture and taste, I was helpless to stop eating them. I felt compelled to eat them, and had to physically restrain myself from eating all of them. It was very strange.

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