Tuesday, November 27, 2007


1)Since I haven't mentioned it yet, I now have another TV show that I love.

I love Chuck.

The creator of this show has to be a genius. I'm not saying this because the show is so very watchable, I'm saying it because the freaking premise of the show is so smart. Not exactly realistic, but smart. Let me give you a rundown in case you've never seen it.

Chuck is your normal, everyday computer geek who works for a "Geek Squad" type organization inside an electronics store called "Buy More." He's actually way overqualified for the job, but he had been kicked out of Stanford after being accused of cheating by his room mate and one time best friend. One night he gets an e-mail from this former best friend which Chuck opens and gets blasted with thousands upon thousands of subliminal images that embed themselves into Chuck's mind (apparently Chuck has an almost Rain Man-like ability to perceive and retain these images). Not knowing what the deal was, Chuck goes on about his day as a smart, geeky life. The next day he is asked out by a gorgeous blonde who turns out to be a CIA spy and is soon also joined by a big, beefy dude who happens to be a spy for the NSA (he's the guy who played Jayne on Firefly). Apparently his old room mate had been a rogue spy who had access to a supercomputer that held all of the government's most secret of secrets (the blast of images he sent Chuck) which was destroyed in some kind explosion. Therefore, Chuck now has the government secrets buried in his subconscious and can recall them if he sees trigger images or people involved in the files. So Chuck turns into an unwilling spy who is constantly placed in dangerous situations and hilarity ensues. Oh, and he's got the tingles for his hot-chick CIA bodyguard who poses as his girlfriend.

Anyways, the reason the show is so smart is this: Owing to my up-close-and-personal knowledge of the geek lifestyle, I've seen that the geeks, nerds and technoweenies like sci-fi so much because they want to be like the heroes in the movies and comics. It's not that they believe that they are going to get super powers, but because a lot of them lead such normal lives, they want to identify with someone more heroic and awesome than they believe that they will ever be. Here you have a random geeky guy who suddenly becomes a believable hero. Instead of flying space ships and beaming lasers from his eyes, you've got a person who you can honestly identify with (well, except for the computer in his brain) that is the everyman version of 007! Add in the beefy dude who makes all of the funny, snide comments and the hot-chick secret agent and you have all of the elements for a geek happy meal. It's a really good show!

Plus, of course, the guy who plays Chuck has a gorgeous smile. He smiles, I melt. Don't judge me.

2) OK, so my theory about after Thanksgiving shopping has been added to. : ) Don't these people know that even when you get approved for a credit card, you STILL have to pay it off eventually. Morons.

3) I have a LOT of yarn. A lot. Seriously, ask Steve. I have two whole storage units, plus some satellite boxes crammed full of it. I don't mean to collect it the way I do, but if I see some on sale that I like, or if the texture and color are arresting, I will buy it. My only problem is that when I want to make something, I rarely have enough of one kind to make what I want and I have to go out and buy more of the kind I need. It's a never ending cycle. That happened yesterday because I'm making a baby blanket for a cousin of mine and I didn't have enough blue and brown to finish it. One of these days, I'm going to sit down and just make everyone I know something out of yarn so I can clear some space in my office. Be prepared.

4) I'm a little hyper this morning. I need to go run around the museum a couple of times to git rid of some of this energy!


Kenny said...

There is no rush on this ... because you should see my coat closet and you know how temperate it is here, but I LOVE scarves. And I'll take multicolored ones (see, I'm helping you consolidate bundles) as I have all the bigs when it comes to solids.

One day you'll have to teach me to make these as I want laughingly ginormous scarves. Presuming I ever live anywhere I can wear them.

(I have some that have never been tossed over my shoulder.)

Amy said...

Ooooh, I want to ask you to make me a Doctor Who Tom Baker scarf! But apparently it takes a long time to knit 40 feet of scarf. But hey, if you're serious about getting rid of the yarn...