Sunday, November 04, 2007


FRIDAY: Friday night we had dinner with Anthony at Red Robin. I don't think we've been out to eat except once since Josh left for Colorado! I didn't realize Josh was our social director until this weekend. : ) We had a great time, a fairly un-smart waiter, and a heck of a time trying to get the check worked out so that we didn't end up paying for the food the next table over had eaten. It all worked out, though. Afterwards, Anthony came back to the house and he told us about a new show that he likes called "Big Bang Theory." Don't worry, it's not about anything that will corrupt the young and rot the mind, it's just a sit-com about physicists. It's actually really funny. We were able to watch the episodes online and we wound up watching all of the episodes. Anthony also brought me a snow globe from Vancouver, where he had attended the IMAX convention thing! It was very sweet of him to think of me, wasn't it? Of course, it probably helped that I saw him right before he left and said "Snow. Globe. Damnit!" Good times.

SATURDAY: I was going to be on my own, and was determined to do something useful, so I awoke much too early and didn't do anything more productive than surf the net for a couple of hours. Sigh. However, I did do a bit of laundry and some folding of afore mentioned laundry, so it wasn't a total waste. I wanted to check out some of the shops in downtown Huntsville that I never seem to get a chance to see. Unknown to many, there are several small shops scattered around that locals run and they are amazing. I picked a place called Signature Gallery, which I have driven by for 7 years and always wanted to visit, but never had. Once I got inside, I realized why I've never been in there. It's basically an art gallery/dealership and I couldn't afford anything inside! I was both intrigued and scared, let me tell you. So I adopted my "hands-behind-the-back" posture and looked but didn't touch. I was so afraid I'd knock something over and have to mortgage the house to pay for it. The lady who ran the store kind of followed me around, too, which I hate. I know she was just wanting to be near in case I decided to drop a couple of grand on something, but still, she made me nervous. Luckily for me, they had just recently expanded and the next house over (these shops are in old houses) held items that I could reasonably afford. I was looking for a christmas gift for my mom, and I was able to buy her something there. I think I'm going to be going back there one day to get a few things for myself! I love knowing that something I get was made BY someone else and not just mass produced. That's not to say I'm a big snob about mass produced things, but hey, I'm an artist too, so I know how important getting your stuff out there is! I also stopped by the mall and looked around for a gift for my nephew. He's a HUGE Alabama football fan, so I stopped into some store that sells all things SEC related. I was scared. I've learned never to go into one of those places on a game day. Never. Again. *shudder* So I got some lunch and took it home, only to realize that I had forgotten something important I needed, so I had to run back out after I ate. I went to the Target shopping place to get it, and was immediatly sidetracked by something called Splash Dogs!
Of course, there were labradors EVERYWHERE, so I decided to go and see what the deal was. I wish I had my camera, because it was so fun to watch and there were some really beautiful dogs out there. I even made a new friend, whose name I never learned. He was a young yellow lab that someone had tied to the barrier fencing. He looked so sad that I reached down to scratch him and he adopted me on the spot. So I sat on the ground, watching the bigger dogs jump into the pool (please follow the link above for a better explanation than I can give) and I scratched all over that puppy. I wanted to steal him, but Steve would have made me take him back. :( So after I could tear myself away, I did my shopping and stopped by ColdStone to get some ice cream! Someone very generous gave me a gift card to the place when I graduated, and this was the first chance I had to use it! Unfortunately the guy behind the counter was new and didn't know how to ring up a gift card. FAIL! Oh well, that just means I need to make more time to get ice cream, and I will...oh yes...I will. : )

SUNDAY: My mom's church was having a dedication service that morning for the newly renovated church sanctuary and they were going to dedicate two windows that had been installed my dad and another lady who had recently passed away. I went to that. Then I went home and slept until this morning.

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