Friday, November 02, 2007


1) BOOOOOOO! Sara had to be flown back down to Miami because of her recent clotting issues, so she is back down there getting treatment again. Get Well Soon, Scary!

2) Reason number 534 that I have a strange job. Today I spent most of my time working on giant, padded bowling pins for the Huntsville Havoc Hockey team. Space Camp is the sponsor for the "body bowling" segment of the evening. Although I've never seen body bowling, it was described to me as children being flung from a sling-shot out across the ice to see how many of the pins they can knock down. Unfortunately, because the business end of our sponsorship didn't close until this morning, the pins look kind of ghetto and I'm going to have to redo them next week. :( I also had to apply Bama decals to an astronaut helmet that will be at tomorrow's Alabama game. In my attempt to carry these things downstairs all at once and give them to the people that needed them, I had to drag two of the giant bowling pins across the museum while wearing the helmet. I am so glad no one took my picture.

3) A couple of weeks ago, I placed an order with a company for a bunch of different candy from Japan. I somehow stumbled across the website by accident and couldn't resist trying some of the weird stuff that they offered. I'll probably tell you more about it once it comes in, so be ready! Unfortunately, I can't track the package because it is actually coming from Japan and not an American company that sells Japanese products like I originally thought, so I have no idea when I will get it. Oops. Oh well, everyone needs something to look forward too, right? Mine might as well be candy.

4)I have finished more than half of my Christmas shopping! Go me!

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